ML Zilong Guide


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May 1, 2019
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What's up guys pasensya na kung nawala ako broken kasi ako </3 pero tuloy na natin to Zilong is Fighter/Assasin. So assasin po sya pero more on fighter skills nya.


Dragon Flurry (Passive Skill): As the son of the dragon, Zilong’s attacks possesses the might of dragons. Every 6 seconds, he unleashes a flurry of blows dealing 1.8x his basic attack damage.

Moreover, dealing successful blows on the enemy reduces the cooldown of this skill’s activation by 0.5 second. So kada 6 Seconds po made-deal po yung basic attack nyo ng 1.8x physical damage.

Spear Flip (1st Skill): With his powerful dragon spear, Zilong is capable of forking and throwing an enemy over and behind him for agonizing damage.

This skill deals 300 [+140% Total Physical ATK] physical damage and lower’s the enemy’s armor by 10 for 2 seconds. Eto naman po parang flip sa para di makatakas kalaban. Yung base damage nya po depende sa skill level.

Spear Strike (2nd Skill): Using the Spear Strike skill, Zilong rushes towards the enemy and pierces them with his spear for considerable damage. This skill deals 260 [+30% Total Physical ATK] physical damage and decreases the enemy’s movement speed by 30% for 1 second. Pag ginamit nyo po ito matri-trigger po ang basic attack nyo gamit po kayo hero lock mode.

Supreme Warrior(Ultimate Skill): Hardened by tough battles, Zilong can power-up to become a supreme warrior! In this powerful
state, his movement speed and attack speed dramatically soars.

His movement speed increases by 30% while his attack speed increases by 45% for 6 seconds.

Furthermore, this skill instantly removes any immobilized status debuff from him once activated. Increase Movement Speed naman po ito at dagdag attack speed yung atk speed bonus at movement speed bonus depende po sa skill level.

BUILDS: More on Attack Speed At Crit po maganda kay zilong.

Endless Battle: Pag nagskill po kayo then basic attack deal true damage + Cd reduction + Mana regen + 15% Lifesteal.
  • Swift Boots: For Attack Speed.
  • Scarlet Phantom: For Crit Chance and Attack Speed po.
  • Berseker Fury: For Crit Chance at Crit Damage.
  • Corrosion Scythe: Debuff Effect po para sa kalaban -atk speed -movement speed.
  • Blade Of Despair: More Physical Damage.
  • ThunderBelt(optional): Palit nyo po sa corrosion scythe if madalas po kayo gumamit skill.
Replace nyo din po corrosion scythe ng deadly blade pag malakas po life steal ng kalaban.

Skill Combo: 2nd Skill+1st skill+Ult+ Inspire