MLBB 2.0, Mobile Legends M1 Tournament, BDO Mobile and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Mobile Legends 2.0 Reborn, Battle Realms to be released on Steam, Mobile Legends M1 Tournament, Ragnarok Origins announced by Gravity, Black Desert Mobile Global Launch Date, and Na’Vi wins the Rainbow Six Pro League 2019

Na’Vi wins the Rainbow Six Pro League 2019
  • Do we have Rainbow Six players here?
  • Rainbow Six Pro League was held in Japan. Teams from Latin America, North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe battled it out, shots fired.
  • Eight teams aimed for the prize pool of $626,000!
  • Two teams remained for the finals, DarkZero Esports versus Na'Vi (Natus Vincere).
  • DarkZero Esports from North America has a strong roster, always at the top of the standings.
  • Na'Vi (Europe), the Challenger League Season 9 Champions, finished top-ranked in European Pro League.
  • I guess, you guys betted on Na'Vi, as they have been always at the top of their game.
  • - Which they did not disappoint their fans as they scored 2 0 against DarkZero, taking the Rainbow Six Pro League trophy.
  • Wow! From Challenger Champions to Pro League! They really deserve that win!
  • Also, there will be a Rainbow Six Invitational on February 14 to 16 2020, in Montreal, Canada.
  • Aerowolf (Singapore), Team Reciprocity (North America), and DarkZero will join Na'Vi there.
  • Congratulations again to Na'Vi!
Black Desert Mobile has released its Global Launch Date

  • South Korean developer, Pearl Abyss, has released its teaser for the Black Desert Mobile game last September, and guess what? They have announced its global released date!
  • It will be launched globally on both iOS and Android devices on December 11, 2019!
  • Launching Black Desert Mobile will include new gameplay features and it will support 9 languages (English, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Russian ), with more than 3 million game pre-reg!
  • The good catch here if you will pre-register through their official website for Black Desert Mobile, you will also be rewarded with a free copy of Black Desert Online for supported consoles; Xbox One, PS4 or PC!
  • If you are asking "should this mobile game will have the same feels as the consoles/PC?
  • You do not have to worry, as this Black Desert Mobile offers the same fast-paced action including character customization that players have been enjoying with their consoles and with their PC!
  • Enjoy and experience an open-world MMORPG filled with relaxing life skills and more, including:
  • Character Classes – You may choose from five classes; Giant, Ranger, Warrior, Witch, and or Valkyrie. It depends on what do you like to do! Whether you want to be the melee master, or if you want to be a magic-based class, and if you want your class to be a ranged type.
  • Customization – Have fun customizing your characters with their creation system. Also, you can pick distinctive skills according to what your game plan will be.
  • Life Skills – In order for you to reach the top, I mean cha-ching!, sharpen your skills by gathering, trading, fishing, camp, and horse breeding. You are free to grind!
  • Combat – You will experience the in-depth combat system as if you are playing on a console or on your PC!
  • Build up your character's sturdiness by having: Accessories, Equipment Enhancement, the Black Spirit, and various Pets! Be sure to equip items with attributes that will surely help you be the best among the rest!
  • In-Depth Gameplay – This mobile game also has social guilds, so that you can socialize and have fun with your clanmates, you can even trade with them at the real-time marketplace! Be it on a sunny or a rainy day! Question is, what if you lost data connection? How about your wifi at home suddenly had issues? Do not worry! There's Black Spirit Mode! Wherein you can still play (even get your rewards!) even if you are not connected to the internet, I mean, how cool is that?!
  • So, if you haven't pre-registered yet, go to their website and pre-register now and get your free copy of Black Desert for console and PC!

Ragnarok: Origins announced by Gravity

  • A lot of people, especially here in the Philippines loves playing Ragnarok games
  • So when Ragnarok was developed into a mobile game, people were ecstatic to play it!
  • And it seems like everyone just can’t seem to stop playing the game. Probably because of the cute porings!
  • Maybe that’s the reason Gravity will release yet another Ragnarok game
  • Ragnarok: Origins
  • Gravity said that this game will be one of their main titles that they will release
  • The game is said to be a recreation of the old Ragnarok games
  • and Gravity said that they want Ragnarok Origins to have a similar vibe from the original Ragnarok game on PC
  • With better graphics and improved gameplay mechanics
  • which will be developed by using new technologies at hand
  • A lot of gamers here in the Philippines, especially the older ones, surely have a lot of memories playing the original Ragnarok on PC!
  • That’s why people will surely feel nostalgic if Gravity does recreate the game!
  • Not only that, but the game will also boast a new and bigger map along with a brand new lifestyle system for players!
  • This feature will allow players to do mining, gardening, fishing and a lot of other things!
  • For those who played the original Ragnarok in the past
  • This game is surely a must download!

Mobile Legends M1 Tournament

  • Mobile Legends is one of the most popular mobile game here in the Philippines
  • and I’m willing to bet that you or your friends have this game on their mobile phones!
  • That’s why since 2017, Moonton has organized MLBB Professional League or MPL in SEA region which includes our country, allowing players to showcase their talent in Mobile Legends.
  • And now Moonton has notched things up a lot higher with the M1 tournament! This is the first international event for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!
  • 16 teams from different countries will battle it out to become the best ML team in the world!
  • The championship is being held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • The prize pool for the event is a whooping $250,000 USD. The grand winner will take home $80,000 USD and of course, the bragging rights of becoming the first ever world champion on Mobile Legends.
  • Our country of course has sent our best team to become our representatives on the tournament!
  • The champions of MPL Philippines Season 4, Sunsparks which is a rebrand of Bren Esports Limitless is one of our representatives
  • and Onic PH who are the runner ups for MPL Philippines season 4 is also there!
  • These team are there to prove that the Philippines have the best Mobile Legends team in the world!
  • Let us show our support for our team by watching their games and cheer for them!

Battle Realms to be released on Steam

  • One of the best old school games here in our country!
  • Battle Realms will be available on Steam Early Access on November 25th!
  • There are a lot of players who for sure know Battle Realms, as it is one of the most popular games back then in the Philippines!
  • But for those who weren’t old enough to play it when it was popular
  • Battle Realms is a Real Time Strategy game
  • Where you control units and build structures, much like in Starcraft
  • There are four clans which you can choose from
  • Lotus, Wolf, Serpent and Dragon!
  • The game will feature a fully functional online multiplayer mode!
  • So you can play with your friends online!
  • The game will not be a re-release, and will receive updates and improvements as long as the game is supported by the fans!
  • Battle Realms 2 was rumored to be in the works but was dropped because of budget issues.
  • Supporting this game on Steam might help in the development of Battle Realms 2!
  • So don’t forget to check out Battle Realms on Steam on November 25th!

Mobile Legends Reborn

  • Mobile Legends will be having a big update!
  • This new update is a large one and a lot of things will be added. Including an all new User Interface for the players!
  • The design will be modernized, and things will get more organized and not cluttered
  • This is good news, especially for those who like clean designs!
  • Not only that, but the game engine will also be updated. from Unity 4 to Unity 2019!
  • This means that gameplay will be much smoother and players are more likely to dodge skills and throw them in the right direction!
  • There will also be a shorter loading time because of the game engine!
  • Moontoon will also add new things to the game!
  • So things will never get stale!
  • A new map called “Imperial Sanctuary” and game mode will be added!
  • A new story, Empire Rebord will also be added!
  • A hero will also be revamped: Pharsa
  • She will get a new skill, Curse of Crow!
  • And her skill Feathered Air Strike will also be updated!
  • A new hero will also be a part of the game: The Last Oriental fighter, Wanwan!
  • Her passive is named Tigers Pace
  • Wanwan reveals the Vital of enemy Heroes hit by her hidden weapons. If she hits all vitals of the target, she will be able to deal 25% damage to the target.
  • Her first skills is Swallow’s Path
  • Wanwan throws a Swallow Dart in a designated direction, dealing damage and triggering Tiger Pace. Enemies hit twice by Swallow Dart will be stunned!
  • Her second skill is Needles in Flowers
  • It removes all CC on the hero and releases deadly throwing needles, damaging nearby enemies!
  • Her ultimate is Crossbow of Tang
  • Wanwan activates her crossbow and will keep shooting arrows towards the nearest enemy. While the crossbow is activated and Wanwan kills an enemy, she will attack another enemy in range!
  • Are you excited for these updates?
  • Mobile Legends is continuing to grow as a game and no one is complaining!