MLBB and KOF collaborates once again for the return of Mobile Legends x King of Fighters Bingo Event

Guild of Guardians
Mobile Legends x King of Fighters Bingo Event is making a comeback once again this year!


Mobile Legends and King Of Fighters will be collaborating once again for a skin collaboration event. Both games have previously collaborated for the same event in 2019 and players adored it as the skins featured back then were not only flashy but had unique skills that come in handy when battling in the Land of Dawn. But of course, these skins come at a hefty price.

The Mobile Legends x King of Fighters Bingo Event started last January 23 and will end on February 18. As this is a draw event, players will be paying diamonds to draw for 1 time or 10 times for a skin and for each draw, there is a guaranteed reward. However, doing a 10x draw will guarantee you at least 1 new Epic skin and with every 10 draws, a Bingo point will be given to you.

Just like in the previous collaboration event, there will be an event that will have you spin up to 18 times but if you do tasks that are already in a pre-order combination, it will give you 10 more times to spin or more for you to get a guaranteed Leona or Epic skin. Specifically, 1 ticket will be given to you for logging in, 2 tickets for recharging diamonds, 3 Tickets for recharging 100 Diamonds, and 5 Tickets for recharging 250 Diamonds.


Aside from that, 3 Tickets will be given for spending 100 Diamonds and another 3 for spending 225 Diamonds. But for players who pre-ordered the KOF Chest, there’ll be a total of 18 spins that are available for 225 Diamonds. It’s also recommended for you to spin 2 more times so that you’ll have a total of 20x spins which guarantees you 2 Epic skins for only 449 Diamonds. But do the additional 2 times spin once a day to enjoy the 50% off discount bonus.

The following are the featured skins:
  • Guinevere “Athena Asamiya”
  • Dyrroth “Orochi Chris”
  • Karina “Leona”
  • Gusion “K’”
  • Chou “Iori Yagami”
  • Aurora “Kula Diamond”,
And more, including lots of epic and limited-time epic skins as well as different Special, Elite, and Basic Skin.

There are tips that you should remember when participating in this event. First is that there’ll be free KOF Recharge tokens that can be obtained between January 28 until January 31st. 50% OFF will be given to each first 1x draw every day and the first 10x draw during the event. Duplicate skins and battle emotes obtained will be automatically converted into Skin Fragments. Lastly, unused Passes and Pass Fragments will be removed and turned into Battle Points at the end of the event.

Add to that, Moonton tasks players to share the event on social media. As to what that will entail for players, it remains unknown. But this is an event that players should take advantage of as it’s not everyday that they can get guaranteed Epic skins. After all that’s been said, make sure to ready your wallets and draw accordingly to what you can spend. Enjoy!