MLBB Development League Philippines Season 2 Week 1 Results - Grand Finals rematch as opener

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game in the Philippines has boomed enough to have its own MLBB Development League (MDL). It is now the second season of MDL-PH and the opening match of the regular season is the match between GameLab and ECHO that faced in the Grand Finals in MDL-PH S1. The regular season matches are best-of-3 and in the match opener for Season 2, ECHO won 2-0 versus the non-MPL franchise team, GameLab. Here are all the results of the matches from this tournament for Week 1.


August 29, 2023
• GLAB Vs. ECHO (0-2 ECHO won)
• BLA Vs. RSGM (0-2 RSGM won)
TNCZ4 Vs. MNNA (2-0 TNCZ4 won)
MHLK Vs. APBH (2-1 MHLK won)

August 30, 2023
• RRQ Vs. GLAB (0-2 GLAB won)
• MNNA Vs. ONIC (0-2 ONIC won)
• APBH Vs. EUPH (1-2 EUPH won)
OMGN Vs. BLA (2-0 OMGN won)

August 31, 2023
RSGM Vs. MHLK (2-1 RSGM won)
ECHO Vs. TNCZ4 (2-0 ECHO won)
• EUPH Vs. RRQ (1-2 RRQ won)

Here is the schedule for MDL-PH Season 2 Week 2:


MDL-PH S2 will begin Week 2 on Tuesday, September 5, 2023 until September 7, 2023.

There will be announcements in the official social media accounts of MDL Philippines in case there will be changes in their pre-announced schedule.

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