MLBB Evolve Mode Rules


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Dec 25, 2018
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15 Players match up in the Evolve Mode and fight for themselves. After a successful match up, loading page will show up immediately without hero phase

After entering the mode, each player has 15 seconds to choose where they want to spawn. When the countdown ends, they will spawn at a random place in the are they choose.

Each player spawns as a [Spore]. Collect resources in the battlefield to level up. By evolving like this, the Spore will finally become a Hero.

The 1st player that reaches Lv 15 becomes the Devil, who will be given the special ability, Devils Arrival. Afterwards, players become the next Devil by slaying the current one, but not reaching Lv. 15. Knockout beings when the 1st Devil appears. Players that die in the phase will be disqualified for this match, immediately.

The last one who survive will be the winner! Enjoy your victory then!