MLBB new rank mode called Arena mode caters to players who prefer Solo ranking

The developers of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have introduced a new Solo Rank mode into the Advanced server. Called Arena mode, its structure appears to be specifically geared for Solo rank players of the game. Currently, the new mode is live on the Advanced server and it is still in its test phase.

mobile legends1.jpg

Developed to support Solo ranking, Arena mode can be accessed in the bottom-right corner of the Main UI right beside the Game Mode button. Once the player has entered the Arena mode interface, they will be then allowed to choose the lane they want among the five available, which are Jungle, Mid lane, Exp lane, Gold lane, and Roam. Players can choose one as the minimum and 3 for maximum preferred lanes.

For the main hero selection, the players are only allowed to choose from the recommended heroes that are strange to that role. The heroes chosen will be the only heroes that players can use when ranking in the Arena mode. Additionally, players can only choose owned heroes with at least 2 mastery. Note, a maximum of 4 of the best heroes in each role can be chosen by the players. It is advised to include powerful meta-heroes.

Once in the matchmaking phase, players can only access their pre-selected heroes. They can ban 1 out of the 4 pre-selected heroes, which lead to the players having 3 heroes that they can choose from to use in the Arena mode match.

In addition to that, some features of the Arena mode include:
  • The Arena mode is only available 12 hours a day. It opens server time each day and closes 12 hours later.
  • Players can choose to be anonymous in this mode. Doing this, people won’t be able to see your in-game name.
  • The Arena mode possesses a new Ranking system making it a bit different from the normal Ranked mode. The Arena is divided into 5 rank divisions, Sapphire Lane, Amethyst Lane, Amber Lane, Ruby Lane, and Prismatic Lane. World Ranking is unlocked in the Prismatic Lane.
There are some requisite as well that need to be met by players for them to be able to play in the Arena mode. First, they should have reached the Mythic rank in that season or the Mythical Glory rank in the last season. Second, they can only play in their pre-selected lane. If they did not play in their pre-selected lane, they will not earn stars even if they won and they will also lose Credit Score. Last but not the least, those that have a Credit Score below 100 will not be able to participate in the Arena matches.

As Arena mode is still in its testing phase in the Advanced server, all information above is not set in stone. There is still the possibility of it to be changed as the testing phase is still ongoing. For now, stay tuned for the future updates of the Arena mode!