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Jul 7, 2019
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MLBB R & D Team Q&A - Buff, Carmilla and Magic Chess

Dear Players,
In regards to the in-game issues that most of you concern, the MLBB R & D Team has attached great importance and discussed them. Therefore, here comes the MLBB R & D Team Q&A. We have recorded all the problems and suggestions from platforms including FB, Reddit, and Discord and will make adjustments accordingly. It’s our aim to provide better game experiences for you! Please don't hesitate to tell us your suggestions in the Comment Area and we will keep following them. Thank you so much for your support!

Player: Can you please make or change the " I'll take the buff " to "I'll take the blue buff & I'll take the red buff"?
Dev: Thank you so much for your advice! We will adjust the Quick Chat of “I’ll Take the Buff”. It's estimated these adjustments will be made in Patch 1.4.60.

Player: When are you guys going to nerf red buff?
Dev: We’ve adjusted the red buff in Patch 1.4.50.

Player: There is too much true damage in this game right now. From endless battle, raptor machete to the overpowered red buff. This makes tanks feel like any other fighter from 5 months back.
Dev: In Patch 1.4. 60, we will adjust the equipment with true damage and enhance Defense Equipment.

Player: Carmilla’s ulti is going to be a huge headache.
Dev: Currently we are discussing how to adjust Carmilla’s Ultimate comprehensively.

Player: Wanwan with dhs and feather of heaven = auto-win in Magic Chess.
Dev: In Patch 1.4.50, we’ve adjusted Wanwan in Magic Chess according to her performance. Meanwhile, we will decide whether to make further adjustments according to the data.

Player: We should be able to add our lineups/builds, so it will be easier to see what heroes we want to buy, and so we don't accidentally skip it.
Dev: We will also keep optimizing Magic Chess. We have already made plans for optimizing this problem. Meanwhile, we will add the function of chatting. Please stay tuned.

Player: 3 stars heroes can't show skin correctly in Magic Chess mode.
Dev: Sorry, currently Skins for 3-Star Heroes cannot be displayed on phones with low configuration to avoid crashing. Thank you for your understanding.

Player: Bring back Chess-TD and make it permanent.
Dev: The Chess-TD will be reopened. Please stay tuned. You may play our Magic Chess with similar gameplay! It’s also very interesting!

Player: Need punishment more for afk players, they rejoin game too easy.
Dev: We will optimize the penalty system to make more precise judgments about AFK behavior to punish more precisely. Therefore, at present, we will not adjust the rewards and penalty of Credit Scores.

Player: Able to unbind Moonton account or change.
Dev: You can change your connected Moonton Account in Patch 1.4.50. For security consideration, the Accounts connection cannot be undone.