MLBB Skin Design Competition


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Jul 7, 2019
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The First MLBB Skin Design Competition! Show Your Great Vigor! Dear MLBB players, this is Live of the First MLBB Skin Design Competition! I, Tigreal, will continue to bring you the freshest news. Our players are talented! Wearing new clothes that you made exclusively for Tigreal and my friends will definitely bring out the shine in the whole Land of Dawn. Hold on, please read the following rules carefully before the design.

  • Submission Time: July 12, 2019 - August 31, 2019
  • Selection Time: September 1, 2019 - September 14, 2019
  • Voting Time: September 15, 2019 - September 28, 2019
  • Announcing Date: Within one week after voting.

  • Best Design (1): 10,000 Diamonds, all Starlight Skins in 2018 and MLBB Glorious Avatar Border. This winner will have an opportunity to see the skin shown into MLBB in 2020.
  • Best Popularity (1): 8000 Diamonds; MLBB Glorious Avatar Border
  • Best Innovation (3): 5000 Diamonds; MLBB Glorious Avatar Border
  • Best Collocation (5): 3000 Diamonds; MLBB Glorious Avatar Border
  • Voting Participation (all designs in Voting Phase): 1000 Diamonds; MLBB Glorious Avatar Border

  1. Each ID can only submit one design. If there are multiple submissions, only the last one will be accepted.
  2. Participants should finish the designs according to the sample format. Upload your design to Google Drive and submit it through the sharing link.

  3. Please fill in the submission questionnaire carefully. MLBB Official will contact winners and send rewards according to the information filled in the questionnaire.
  4. Participants should ensure that the link of Google Drive filled in the questionnaire can be opened. If the link can’t be opened, the submission will be regarded as invalid.
  5. The link of submission questionnaire pushed in the game and on the official community of MLBB is the only way to submit your design.
  6. In order to avoid copyright disputes, participants are requested to ensure that their works are original and never shared or publicized on other platforms.

Selection Rules
  1. We will select the designs according to the design concept, colors, costumes, fitting degree, and overall effect.
  2. After the submission deadline, MLBB Official will start the first round of selection, and the selected designs will enter the voting phase.
  3. All works into the voting phase can win the ""Voting Participation Award "".
  4. The winner of ""Best Popularity"" will be determined by the voting results of the website.
  5. In addition to the ""Best Popularity"", other awards will be determined by the official selection and website voting results;
  6. The same design is allowed to win multiple awards;
  7. All explanations for this event are owned by Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official.