MLBB Skins and Events for the month of April until June 2024

Guild of Guardians
As the ALL STAR 2024 event is coming to a conclusion, leaks of Mobile Legends revealed the upcoming new skins and events for April until June 2024, including the skins and events that have been previously released and are set to return.


Here is the leaked list of skins and events with their release dates for the months of mid-April until June, according to a credible MLBB leaker:

Skins and Events for April 2024


  • 20th April - Infernal Wyrmlord Moskov Premium Supply Event Phase 2
  • 20th April - Minotaur’s Taurus Zodiac Skin
  • 24th April - King of Fighters '97 Skins and Draw Event
  • 24th April - Kyo Valir KOF ’97 Skin
  • 24th April - Terry Paquito KOF ’97 Skin
  • 24th April - Mai Masha KOF ’97 Skin
  • 24th April - Lucky Box Event: Wreck King Johnson Epic Skin
  • 24th April - Revamped Helcurt and Basic Skin
  • 27th April - KOF ’97 Phase 1 Premium Supply Event
Skins and Events for May 2024


  • 1st May - Rank Party Event (Free Elite Skins)
  • 1st May - Nolan’s Fashion Mogul (May’s Starlight Skin)
  • 1st May - Lesley’s Hawkeyed Sniper Annual Starlight Skin (Added to Starlight Shop)
  • 4th May - Alpha’s Mecha King Perseus (Collector Skin)
  • 4th May - Wanwan’s Pixel Blast (Collector Skin Rerun)
  • 4th May - Vale’s Supernal Tempest (Collector Skin Rerun)
  • 11th May - KOF ’97 Phase 2 Premium Supply Event
  • 18th May - Urban Exorcist Skins and Draw Event
  • 18th May - Exorcist Granger
  • 18th May - Exorcist Hayabusa
  • 18th May - Exorcist Kagura Rerun
  • 18th May - Exorcist Yu Zhong Rerun
  • 21st May - Selena’s Gemini Zodiac Skin
  • 21st May -Karina’s Halo Gemini Zodiac Skin
  • 25th May - Urban Exorcist Phase 1 Premium Supply Event
  • May 2024 (TBA) - Khaleed’s Wave Strider (Epic Skin)
Skins and Events for June 2024


  • 1st June - Dream Prowler Helcurt Starlight Skin
  • 3rd June - Harith’s Psychic (Collector Skin)
  • 3rd June - Angela’s Floral Elf (Collector Skin Rerun)
  • 3rd June - Miya’s Doom Catalyst (Collector Skin Rerun)
  • 8th June - Jujutsu Kaisen (JJK) Skins and Draw Event Rerun
  • 15th June - Jujutsu Kaisen Phase 1 Premium Supply Event
  • 22nd June - Jujutsu Kaisen Phase 2 Premium Supply Event
  • June 2024 (TBA) - Ruby’s Soul Reaper (Special Skin)
  • June 2024 (TBA) - MSC 2024 Valentina Skin
There are also some upcoming skins without a specific date of release yet, but they are expected to be released sometime this summer.
  • June/July (TBD) 2024 - Floryn Summer Skin
  • June (TBD) - Starwatcher Carmilla Epic Skin
  • (TBD)- To The Stars Event
  • (TBD) - 100 Diamonds Event (Cheap Epic Skins)
  • (TBD)- Coupon Pass (Massive Skin Discounts)
That’s the entire list for the upcoming and returnee skins and events for Mobile Legends these coming months. Stay tuned for more updates and potential changes.