MLBB Women’s Invitational PH Qualifiers scheduled on-site along with MDL-PH Season 3 Playoffs

Guild of Guardians
This May 10, 2024 until May 12, 2024, both the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Women’s Invitational 2024 PH Qualifiers (MWI) and MLBB Development League (MDL) Season 3 playoffs will happen on-site at Shooting Gallery Studios. The day will begin with a MWI match starting at 4 P.M. Then, the scheduled MDL-PH matches will happen from Day 1 to Day 3 of these tournaments. Day 3 will feature the Grand Finals match of both of these tournaments that will be opened up by a showmatch starting at 3 P.M. GMT+8 on May 12, 2024.


Both the MWI 2024 PH Qualifiers and MDL-PH S3 Playoffs will follow a single-elimination bracket format. Thus, winners will advance to the next round while the others are eliminated outright. In MWI 2024 PH Qualifiers, there are 4 teams to be featured which are OMG Empress versus ONIC ZOL (May 10, 2024) and TNZ4 FE versus SMFE (May 11, 2024). The winners of their respective Best-of-3 matches will play in the Best-of-5 Grand Finals (May 12, 2024).


Meanwhile in MDL-PH Season 3 Playoffs, Day 1 will feature BLRW versus TNZ4 (Match 1) and ONIC versus ECHO (Match 2). The winner of Match 1 will face RRQ Kaito while the winner of match 2 will face OMG Neos on Day 2. All the MDL-PH S3 Playoffs matches will also be Best-of-3 except for the Grand Finals which would be Best-of-5.

The teams in MWI 2024 PH Qualifiers are battling for the slot allotted to the Philippines for the MWI 2024 to happen sometime this July 2024. The slot will go to the winner of the qualifiers’ Grand Finals match. MWI 2024 will also be hosted in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia similar with the MSC 2024.

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