MLBB's New Hero Khaleed, Desert Scimitar Available on August 7 + Anticipated Heroes Arriving Soon

After the arrival of the fearsome Black Dragon Yu Zhong last May, Moonton now finally unveil a new challenger into the growing roster of Mobile Legends' heroes. This time, they will bring another fighter class inspired by the harsh and tempestuous desert of Middle East.

Khaleed a.jpg

Enter Khaleed, the Desert Scimitar whose design is quite rare to your usual heroes in the ML and other MOBA. His role is a fighter with a formidable dose of CC skills and Regen that makes him a hero with the potential of becoming part of the meta soon. Khaleed started as a hero only available in the advance server of ML but he will be officially launched on August 7 to bring the rage of desert against other ML heroes.

Here are the skills and abilities of Khaleed which showcase his anticipated power in the battlefield:

Passive Skill: Sandwalk

Upon filing a gauge bar, Khaleed will start riding his magic carpert..err...magic sand that will let hover in the ground with an additional 5% move speed bonus. During this state, his first normal attack will be enhanced with 125% damage inflicted on a straight line. Furthermore, he leaves a pool of sand in the direction of his attack that decreases his opponent's move speed but increases his in return.

Desert Tornado

Khaleed summons a tornado made of sand that causes 185 (+189) AOE damage. Khaleed can perform a jump and a ranged attack for a couple of times as long as his attack lands in the enemy.

Quicksand Guard

This skill allows Khaleed to survive long fights while at the same time inflicts a debuff on its enemies. As he channels a quicksand beneath him, Khaleed recovers his health for 20 (+362) per second and reduce all the damage he will take for about 30% as long as 9 seconds. Enemies who get caught in the quicksand will also have a reduced movement speed.

Raging Sandstorm

Khaleed can only surf the sand in this one as he summons a gigantic sandstorm that deals a massive 1000 physical damage and stuns to all the enemies who will get hit by it as it reaches the endpoint.

As you noticed, Khaleed's abilities are a welcome addition to give your team a quick and easy win during team fight. His slow ability provides him and his team guaranteed kills to any enemies on their way plus his move speed buff allow him to speedily give an assist to any lane as well as a chase to those heroes who want to escape the fray.

According to ML Leaks, Khaleed will have a presale on July 31 where players can have a 3-day trial card using their diamonds. On his official date of release, players can purchase him for 32000 Battlepoints or through diamonds with 30% off on his launching week. His first skin Prince of Sand will also available on the day of his debut.

More heroes will be joining Mobile Legenda perhaps later this year, as well as the, revamp of old heroes which is part of the Project NEXT of Moonton for a complete makeover of the ML. The Desert Scimitar will be available on August 7 so mark your calendars right away!

Anticipated Heroes: Protti and Benedetta

Two more heroes will soon join Khaleed in the MLBB arena in the form of Benedetta, an assassin, and Protti, which is a very curious case of a Marksmen. Both seem a bit OP in the advanced server still but let's examine some of their abilities to understand them.


Benedetta's Eye for an Eye skill makes her a tough assassin to beat wherein she will not only block any attack one time but also gain CC immunity and can either bring a stun or slow on her opponent; making her a scary assassin to deal with if you are a squishy mage. Her Ulti Alecto: Final Blow lets her loose damage and slow debuff that give her opponent a quick and painless death.


Protti, on the other hand, is more of a skill-based MM rather than a DPS. His attack is slower but much heavier as compare with other MM with his basic attack needs charging before he can deal damage. His main damage abilities involve giving his enemies an Abyss Mark for a total of 5 stacks to deal tons of damage and critical hits. He also has a dash and stuns ability which is essential for escape or setting up his attacks. His ulti can hit multiple enemies with whooping physical damage that can be further intensified the more they have an Abyss Mark.