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Jul 7, 2019
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MLBB LIGA is back to the Philippines! LIGA2: KONTRABIDA, featuring a brand-new mechanics and amusing experience for all players. The fun-filled event is coming! Online show gaming will be held in August and Offline event will be held in September.

It's time to fight!

Game Mechanics is as following(Not in -game mode):

Players will be divided into 2 teams of 5 members. Before the start of each round, two players of each team will be randomly assigned as Real undercover and Fake undercover.
  • The Real undercover needs to make his or her team lose the game!
  • The Fake undercover needs to make the team win but be recognized as real undercover!
  • The rest of the players are civilians, who need to win the game!
After each round, teams will enter into the discussion and voting stage. Players will discuss with each other who they think the Real or Fake undercover is.

Here are the Prizes:

Civilians of the winning team will receive diamonds, while the losing team’s real undercover will receive 100 diamonds. There also will be bonus awards for each identity!
  • The Real Undercover in the losing team: if only three or less voters correctly recognize his/her real identity, which means the undercover is really well hidden, then the master of real undercover can earn an additional 200 diamonds!
  • The Fake Undercover in the winning team: if 3 or more voters pick him or her as the real undercover, which means he/she mess the team around while securing the victory, then the fake undercover can earn an additional 200 diamonds!
  • Civilians: the remaining players who vote correctly, on who’s the Real and Fake undercover, he or she can earn an additional 50 diamonds!
Furthermore, an introduction video for LIGA2: KONTRABIDA will be unveiled soon to explain the rules further.

During this exciting event, troublemakers may not be your enemies, the real undercover will appear with tricks. Real partners will never hide. You can play with your friends first to know much about the rules!

LIGA2: KONTRABIDA is coming! Be prepared, and keep your eyes open!

LIGA2: KONTRABIDA is in full swing!

The second battle will start on Aug 31st and Sep 1st! Who will be the Real KONTRABIDA and Fake KONTRABIDA this time? 12 funny influencers will be here to find the answers with you!

You can watch the live broadcast on MLBB official homepage. No worries if you missed the rewards last week, now you have new chances to win Diamonds, Permanent skins or other exclusive rewards!

If you love the influencers, you can just click the following link to view their page.

1.Chin Valdes TV
3.Finesse LexAeterna
8.Weigibbor Labos
10.Choox TV
11.Akosi Dogie



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Jul 7, 2019
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The second week battle of LIGA2: KONTRABIDA is only THREE days away! Don't forget to watch our broadcast on MLBB official homepage this weekend! Seize the chance to recognize undercovers and get exclusive rewards!

Live Schedule:
August 31st, 6:00-8:00 PM
September 1st, 6:00-8:00 PM