MLG PRO LEAGUE - Dota S1 Championship Streaming

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    The joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 1 kicks off on Saturday, January 24 with round robin action in Europe, the Americas, and Asia through Saturday, March 21. The top 3 Teams in Europe, top 2 Teams in the Americas, and top Team in Southeast Asia will compete in the Season 1 Championship at the MLG Arena in Columbus, OH on April 10-12.

    Each Season's Championship will feature a $75,000 base Prize Pool broken down as follows:
    1st place = 40% ($30,000)
    2nd place = 25% ($18,750)
    3rd place = 15% ($11,250)
    4th place = 10% ($7,500)
    5th-6th place = 5% ($3,750) each

    Each Championship's Prize Pool will be supplemented by sales of the season's in-game ticket, with 20% of sales going to the Season Championship prize pool and 5% going to the $250,000 World Championship. To purchase the ticket, click here.

    Match schedule and results can be found here.

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