MMORPG game Elyon becomes Free-to-Play and will be released on October 20th

Publisher Kakao Games introduced that the NA and EU server of Elyon can be transitioning from a Buy-to-Play version to a Free-to-Play one because of opposition from different games. Developed with the aid of using Korea-primarily based totally Bluehole Studio, the crew which made TERA, Elyon is visible with the aid of using maximum game enthusiasts as an old PC MMORPG stripped of its authentic center feature – aerial combat.


If you have pre-bought Elyon, you may both choose a reimbursement or permit Kakao Games roll your buy over as in-recreation Rubies. Anyone who pre-ordered the bottom recreation, for example, will now obtain 2,000 Rubies to apply withinside the coins save. Despite the huge monetization change, Kakao Games stated it intends to maintain the coins save as-is.

Those who have already pre-ordered Elyon need not be concerned. If a purchase was made before September 10, 2021, the business has previously indicated that gamers can keep their packages with additional premium money added to replace the main game, or they can seek a full refund.

Until the modifications are completed, new package purchases will be temporarily prohibited, and the higher the package tier, the more premium Rubies will be supplied. In addition, rather than a phased launch, all players who pre-order a package will have the same 72-hour headstart.

"It's apparent that 2021 will be the year of the MMO," Kakao Games said, "with an outstanding lineup of titles in the genre due to arrive in the following weeks and months, including some excellent entrants." "While we believe Elyon has a distinct and competitive position among them all, we also recognize that the time commitment necessary for any MMORPG is not always suitable with a wide range of options." As a result, our committed team has chosen to make what we believe are important adjustments to our business model after careful study.

The fear that switching to full free-to-play may promote more pay-to-win features in the game is addressed in both the Twitter post and the formal release. According to Kakao Games, there are no plans to change the way the cash store works.

“We'd also want to point out that our concept for Elyon's cash store hasn't altered. We hope that this change will attract more players, allowing Elyon to become a healthy community.

Kakao plans to host a range of events and livestreams for the community in the lead up to the launch. It recognizes that the decision to postpone was not easy, but feels it is the "right one" and the greatest approach to ensure that Elyon has a vibrant community.

"Elyon's release date has been pushed back to October 20. We'll also utilize this time to work on certain quality-of-life adjustments to the game based on input we got during our Closed Beta Tests, such as fixing issues with the launcher, streamlining different features, and polishing and improving the overall experience."