MMORPG game RaiderZ M will be like the PC version and possible release in 2022

Soul Games, which is best known for its mobile game Luna Mobile, said today on different local gaming blogs that it has obtained the rights to create RaiderZ M. RaiderZ was a PC MMORPG produced by MAIET Entertainment, a now-defunct Korean company, and released in North America by Perfect World Entertainment in 2012.


The first RaiderZ game took place in the realm of Rendel, which had been overrun by monsters. Quests, guilds, dungeons, crafting, and PvP were all available in the game. A free targeting system was also included in the new offering, as well as the ability to take off the enemy's armor and use it against him.Another highlight was the classless system: after reaching level 10, players were given a variety of skills to choose from to create a unique build.

Boss fights were one of RaiderZ's most prominent elements. They may be found in both dungeons and open areas. During the combat, such opponents may lose some of the equipment that was used against them (horn, fangs, etc.). Bosses may also consume or seize the player at any time.

Soul Games claims in the press release that the team would stay true to the original game's gaming features and aesthetics. Other mobile games based on earlier IPs are being developed by Soul Games utilizing its in-house gaming engine, with additional specifics to be announced next year.

About the Game
RaiderZ (stylized as RaiderZ) was a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) created by MAIET Entertainment, a now-defunct Korean studio. Perfect World Entertainment released it in North America in November 2012. Because the service is financed by real money transactions via the in-game cash store, the game is free to play and there is no monthly membership charge.


Guilds, missions, dungeons, crafting, and player-versus- player fights are all included in RaiderZ's gameplay. It also features a non-targeting combat system, akin to TERA, in which players actively participate in battle. Players will also be able to cut or tear off unique bodily parts from special opponents and utilize them against them. Combat is skill-based, and each attack or ability must be carefully directed. It's critical to avoid opponent assaults, especially during boss encounters, if you want to win. Character growth is also distinct from that of other MMORPGs.

RaiderZ is set in Rendel, a formerly rich and strong country that is now being invaded by monsters.

Action combat
RaiderZ is a third-person action game that combines elements of MMORPGs and allows users to actively participate in combat. RaiderZ demands players to accurately swing their weapons, avoid enemy strikes, and move past opponents to get into a better position, rather to the standard point and click controls seen in other MMORPGs. However, in RaiderZ, unique talents that may be stored in a skill bar still play an important role.

Boss fights
One of RaiderZ's primary features is the ability to fight powerful and large boss opponents. Players will face unique opponents in instanced dungeons and the open game world, which will need skill and collaboration to defeat. During conflicts, these creatures shed bodily parts (such as horns and claws) that can be utilized as shields or weapons, or give unique powers for a limited time. In RaiderZ, bosses have a variety of unique powers, such as eating or randomly snatching people.

The crafting method is the sole way to get new armor and weapons. To get component pieces that are required to construct new equipment, players will have to battle foes or trade with other players. The bulk of these things will be tied to the character who created them, but the resources and recipes will not.


Musical instruments
Musicians will be able to learn to play instruments such as guitars and collaborate with other players to produce beautiful music. These instruments will be linked to quest lines, and once you've completed the required tasks, you'll be able to purchase the instrument and begin playing various notes.

Players can enchant their items with magical stones obtained in-game or purchased from the cash shop. There are two types of magic stones: one that helps the item level up, and another that protects the item from breaking while attempting to enchant, but also has the potential to lower the enchant grade.

The game's factions assist the player in deciding whether to be an ally of the nation or an enemy of it in-game. There are three levels to the faction system: normal, friendly, and reliable. From these levels, new things may be created using items acquired in the game.