MO: Astray Puzzle-Solving Action Game - Mobile Version Is Now Available On Both Android and iOS iOS Android 

Archplay and Rayark Inc. did a good job in creating MO: Astray as it received positive reviews when its PC version went live on Steam. And now, you can enjoy this awesome game on your own mobile devices. Despite having its pixelated design, nobody can deny the relaxing cuteness it possesses.


It was formerly named "MØ-Macrophages-" when it was first developed by Archplay as their graduation project. With Rayark's assistance, the game was officially titled "MO: Astray" after two years of development. And looking at how the controls and unique mechanisms work, one can easily say how the game was polished to perfection.


The maps, the witty problems, the smooth controls, and unique boss challenges were all perfect! It's not surprising how this game received those positive reviews before it made its way into mobile platforms. Controlling MO is like becoming a super slime with unique abilities like telekinesis, parasitic control, and even flight. Despite MO's extraordinary abilities, I find this creature adorably cute.


I told you. Despite those carefully created pixel environments, they still look aesthetically beautiful and relaxing to the eyes. Partnered with the perfect background music, the game becomes an absolute gem. It's worth every penny that you'll spend. Wait, did you just say penny? Yes, I did. For a small price of PHP 249 or $4.99, you'll get to enjoy this game anywhere as it doesn't require any internet connection once installed.


Enough of the praises and let's take a look at the game's plot. MO is born from a laboratory and this cute little guy needs to figure out what caused the human world's sudden destruction. It's now covered by parasitic plants who were once humans and weird unique bosses. With your help and MO's extraordinary abilities, together, you'll figure out what really happened while surviving against this new world that's trying to kill you.


All you can do is progress forward and reach the very end to know the truth. Well, I'll leave it up to you. No spoilers for you. Now, before anything else, I'm giving my huge thanks and the whole credits to Archplay and Rayark Inc. for this wonderful game. You did a very good job of optimizing the controls for mobile devices. I bought the game on Google Play Store already and I'm in awe of its perfection. For those who are interested, watch the trailer so you'll get a good picture of the game.

If you found the game interesting, please consider buying it to show some love and support to the developers. And join our MO: Astray discussion now!