MobaZane and Cloud9 Esports is training in the Philippines ahead of MSC 2024

North America Challenger Tournament Spring 2024 champions Cloud9 Esports are currently in the Philippines to ‘train’ for the upcoming MSC 2024 that will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from June 28 until July 14, 2024.


The MSC 2024 will feature 16 outstanding teams from around the world, including the representative of North America, Cloud9 Esports (BloodThirstyKing), who will be competing for the championship title and the lion’s share of USD 3,000,000.

According to Cloud9’s coach and MPL-PH caster Neil “Midnight” De Guzman, Cloud9 Esports has chosen the Philippines as a place to practice because of the competitive nature of Philippine servers, whether in ranked games or the professional scene.

"Cloud9 MLBB is in the Philippines to practice for the upcoming MSC 2024, as the team wants to be able to play and hone their skill in the most competitive region and country in the world in MLBB,” said Coach Midnight in an interview.

The team is utilizing their stay here by having scrimmages and practice matches with local powerhouse teams, including Falcons AP.BREN, Team Liquid Philippines (formerly ECHO), and RSG Philippines. They will also test their skills against international teams like Fnatic ONIC, See You Soon, and Team Spirit.


Cloud9 consists of mostly Filipinos, including Peter Bryce “Basic” Lozano, who used to play for ONIC Philippines before moving to North America in 2021; Chris “Mielow” Enobio; Marco “Marqt” Lacson; Chris “Cole World” Cartagenas; and the only non-Filipino member of the team, Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun.

"As they have said multiple times before, the ranked games are quite similar to NA, with some of the games being easy and some being competitive.”

In an Instagram story posted by Basic, it can be seen that the team is on a winning streak in ranked games despite playing on one of the most competitive and difficult servers of Mobile Legends to play on, the Philippine server.


Midnight also added that the only thing that separates the NA and PH servers is the'snipes’ or stream snipes. It is when the opponents, usually highly skilled, intentionally match with the team through sniping during livestreaming.

With Cloud9’s exposure to competitive gameplay in different professional teams and ranked matches, it will be significant for them as they will understand and adapt to different playstyles, enhancing their skills in the upcoming tournaments.
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