Mobile Legend Lag Issue FAQ


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Nov 4, 2018
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Encounter Lag Issue during Peak Hours (Generally refer to the afternoon period and the period before bedtime at night)

During peak hours, there will be a large number of players sharing the network, which will cause the network to be more congested than low peak hours.
  1. Perform network detection in Settings to check what went wrong.
  2. Try to switch another network operator.
  3. Try to switch to 4G.
Encounter Lag Issue While Playing with Friends
  1. Please test if there is the same issue when playing alone.
  2. Try to use different SIM cards.
  3. Try to switch another network operator.
Ping was stable but the game lagged.
  1. Try to turn off HFR Mode in Settings.
  2. Try to lower graphic quality in Settings.
  3. Try to turn on Battlefield Optimization in Settings.
Ping was unstable and even reached very high suddenly.
  1. 1. Try to switch to Speed Mode in Settings.
    You can tap the "Settings" button and enter Basics in the Home Screen or on the battlefield. Slide to the bottom to activate Speed Mode.
  2. Perform network detection in Settings to check what went wrong.
  3. Try to switch from Wi-Fi to 4G or from 4G to Wi-Fi.
  4. If you're using Wi-Fi:
    (1). Try to restart your router or reset your router to factory settings.
    (2). Try to close any active applications that may be occupying the network as they will share network speed.
  5. 5. If you are using Mobile data
    (1). Check whether the disruption is caused by your current location. Try to play games in a more open area.
    (2). The SIM cards purchased in other places may cause lag issues when used locally. If you have several SIM cards you may try changing the sim cards.
    (3). You can try to turn off other application that consumes data traffic in the phone, they may share some network speeds in the game.