Mobile Legend Star Wars Collaboration Events - Preorder and Claim Free Rewards

The awaited ML:BB X Star Wars event is now in the Land of Dawn and will be until August 10, 2021. This limited time collaboration includes a draw event, collect and exchange event, and a task event. There are so many ways to get rewards and check out the other details here.


This event gives free-to-play players to obtain a reward just by finishing easy tasks. Not all tasks requires recharging diamonds and the reward to be obtained by free-to-play players will be the ML:BB X Star Wars Battle Emote. Players just need to some tasks to get 4 Astroshards and exchange it for that Battle Emote.

Screenshot_20210712-133258_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

There are other limited items to be obtained in exchange of Astroshards like the ML:BB X Star Wars Exclusive Avatar Border. This is separate from the Draw Event in which players need to spend diamonds to obtain rewards.

Screenshot_20210712-133314_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

There will still be a free draw though! Just preorder before July 17 to claim one Galactic ticket that can be use to draw one time in this event.

Screenshot_20210712-133322_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

Getting the exclusive Star Wars skin of Argus and Cyclops is not only available to be by drawing but also by collecting and exchanging coins in the event store.

Screenshot_20210712-133347_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

The draw event will be available until August 10, 2021 while the task event will be available on limited dates, which will be offline for around 5 days and will be in-game for 3 days alternately until August 2, 2021.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!