Mobile Legends 2.0 Features, Pokemon Masters, Plants vs Zombies 3 and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Mobile Legends 2.0 new graphics, new map and new UI! Netease Investment on Dead by Daylight Developer, New Gunbound, Plants vs Zombies 3, Pokemon Masters game information, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot playable characters, and Persona 5 in Identity V.

Mobile Legends 2.0 Epicon 2019
  • In the recent Moonton Epicon 2019, Mobile Legends 2.0 has been revealed
  • So what's new? well it's broken down on two things
  • UI and Visual Fidelity because its now using the Unity Engine
  • to those who don't this is a game engine which is used to build a game
  • for example valves used source engine, while epic games has unreal engine
  • According to moonton the new engine delivers an improved performance
  • because this time the game startup and game loading is now 60 percent faster compared to the older engine
  • and since they change the engine they now have access to Physically-Based Rendering or PBR
  • this is basically a high definition character modeling to produce a more vivid and life like heroes
  • si PBR includes enhance hero texture without compromising the game performance
  • according to them
  • we still have to test that on real life situations and low end devices
  • currently we are not sure if the system requirements of the game will change or remain the same
  • since we all if you want better graphics you will need better hardware
  • another thing they improved is the Game interface
  • according to moonton the update for the interface is because the old has too much content and becoming more complex
  • so the new version simply this things
  • in making the game UI they had to take into account the current user interaction for faster adaptation
  • this is good so we won't be confused on the location of certain features
  • they also retained the color tones blue and gold and added soft light as well as shadowing
  • this is to make the interface realistic as it now has a 3d space which ads to the experience
  • basically the new design is clean and minimalist
  • another big change is the Map Upgrade
  • since they are using a new game engine the visual fidelity of the environment is more detailed
  • so now the textures and vegetation are more life like
  • let's hope it won't be laggy
  • and then finally for the other upgrades
  • moonton claimed they have improved fps by 10% this is because they reduced the memory consumption by 7% reducing the lag
  • they also mentioned they are working with network partners to improve the connectivity
  • which is case to case basis since we all know how bad the internet is in the Philippines
  • moonton also mention that there will be new heroes and a mystery squad coming this year
  • which is according to them still a secret
  • but here are what we know so far
  • the new heroes will be coming from the east while the mystery squad will be 5 brave knights
  • and that this new hero and squad are expected by the end of the year
  • So what do you think of the new Mobile Legends 2.0?

Plants vs Zombies 3

  • recently EA announced the sequel Plants vs Zombies 3
  • however the game is still in pre-alpha state for android
  • not much information is known about the game but based from the screenshots its almost the same as the previous titles
  • if you are interested in the game you can pre register in google play
  • take note since its pre alpha it's only for selected regions

New Gunbound

  • Speaking of another sequel
  • the sequel to Gunbound M called the new Gunbound is now on pre registration
  • so if you are nostalgic you can now opt in then by the end of July a stress test will occur
  • meaning you will get a chance to test and play
  • along with the pre registration are free in game items with different milestones depending on the pre registration count
  • if you are interested in the game will be available on mobile for iOS and Android while the soft launch will occur after the stress test

Pokemon Masters

  • a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming mobile game pokemon masters has dropped
  • so now we have more information about the game
  • so based from the trailer there will be a cooperative play where two players from around the world can join you in a 3v3 battle
  • the 3v3 battle will also feature a real time battling system where attacked can be synced
  • the mobile game will also feature a Pokemon Masters League where the gym leaders, elite 4, champions, all stars from every region will be there to battle so you can earn badges
  • and finally there will also be special trainer outfits called the sygna suits which match with your partner Pokemon
  • if you are interested in the game will be available for both ios and android which is set to release this year

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

  • In a recent update for the upcoming DBZ RPG called Dragon Ball Z Kakarot
  • Goku will not be the only playable character
  • its now revealed that players can also use Vegeta, Piccolo, and Gohan
  • while Chiaotzu, Tien Shinhan, Krillin, and Yamcha will only appear as support characters
  • so if you are interested in the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot RPG is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2020

Netease Dead by Daylight

  • In a recent press release we found out that the game company Netease games has invested on the developer of Dead by Daylight Behavior Interactive
  • They did not disclose the stake or percentage acquired but its been reported as a minority stake
  • So what does this mean are they the owner?
  • well nope, following the investment Behaviour Interactive will still continue to operate independently
  • the investment according to netease president is to leverage Behavior Interactives Research and development efforts
  • which isn't a surprise since we all know that Dead by Daylight is coming to mobile
  • speaking of Dead by Daylight Mobile
  • the beta version can be accessed and played but again for selected regions only

Identity V

  • Speaking of another Netease game Identity V
  • It was recently announced that the characters from Persona 5 will be joining the game
  • currently Joker and Morgana are confirmed to be appearing in Identity V
  • to those who dont know
  • Identity V is a survival horror game, where four players have to take on the role of one of the Survivors
  • which is similar to dead by daylight since they had permission from behavior interactive