Mobile Legends 2.0 Reborn

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! is about to get a massive update that will surely change the way players will look at the game. Literally. As the game will change its overall VUI and game engine to give players a smoother experience inside the game.

MLBB will beupdating the game engine from Unity 4, to Unity 2019, allowing for a smoother gameplay for players and greatly improving the visual aspect of the game. Skills particles would be much clearer in the screen and throwing skills while also dodging would be increased by the smooth gameplay that an updated game engine would bring.

Mobile Legends will also update the texture of the characters and terrain, implemnting life-like lighting. The whole UI will also be modernized, prioritizing uncluttered design that will help players see information easier. A new story would also be included named which will be named Empire Reborn.

MLBB2.0 also teases the arrival of a next-generation battlefield where players can show off their skills and new sets of creeps.

The performance side of Mobile Legends is also promised to see a complete makeover, giving players shorter loading time, improved game experience and a more stabilized performance.

If you are excited for MLBB2.00, check out this video from them!

Do you like the proposed changes that Mobile Legends will soon have? What changes would you like to see in the future? Tell us in the discussion below!