Mobile Legends 2020 Alice Guide - How to be tanky and deal burst damage at the same time iOS Android 

Alice is a versatile mage hero in the game in terms of being a frontliner or initiator and burst damage dealer at the same time. Her main weaknesses were having an opponent that deals damage based on HP Percentage like Karrie and those who has anti-regen abilities.

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  • Moderate wave clearing capacity
  • High Mobility (not on movement speed stat but because of her first skill)
  • High DPS and burst damage
  • High Sustain
  • Vulnerable to HP% attacks
  • Mana hungry hero (auto Demon Shoes)
  • a bit Item dependent
Skills Review

Passive: Blood Ancestry

When a nearby minion dies, it generates a Blood Orb. Each Blood Orb Alice absorbs will permanently increase her Max HP by 10 points and restores 50 mana for her. After absorbing 12/ 25 / 50 Blood Orbs, she will permanently receive 10% Cooldown Reduction / 15% Bonus HP Restoration & Shield / 40 Movement Speed.

This is capped at a maximum of 200 orbs, giving up to 2,000 HP.

Skill 1: Flowing Blood
  • [Blink] [AoE]
  • Cooldown: 5.0
Alice casts a blood stream in the designated direction, dealing 400 / 440 / 480 / 520 / 560 / 600 (+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies.

Use the skill again to immediately teleport to the stream's location.

The cooldown for this skill starts after the stream disappears or is used again.

Alice can hold the skill button to see the direction of the blood stream.

Skill 2: Blood Awe
  • [CC][AoE]
  • Cooldown: 7.0
Alice deals 270 / 295 / 320 / 345 / 370 / 395 (+90% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to surrounding enemies and immobilizing them for 1.2 seconds. Enemies will be slowed by 70% after the immobilization, lasting for 0.8 seconds.

Ultimate Skill: Blood Ode
  • [Burst] [Heal] [Toggleable]
  • Cooldown: 2.0
Alice enters the blood-draining state, continuously consuming 50-100 Mana and dealing 140-180 (+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to surrounding enemies every 0.5 seconds and restoring 70-80 (+20% Total Magic Power) HP when hitting heroes - reduced to 50% on non-hero units or 35-40 (+10% Total Magic Power) HP.

Use Again: Alice exits

Blood Ode can't be canceled by any means thus Alice can use Winter Truncheon while this skill is active without cancelling it. However, she can neither toggle on nor off when the Winter Truncheon's Active Skill is still ongoing.

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Preparation Recommendations

Mage is the best. For newbies, magic emblem will do.

Talent Build:

Tier 1:Flow- While movement speed is a decent pick up for Alice, Flow is a more viable option since you would want to have the extra magic power at the start to easily pressure your enemies.

Tier 2: Catastrophe- Following the logic for Flow, Catastrophe is simply a booster to your mid to late game potential, especially since Alice unlocks extra benefits after reaching a certain number of orbs

Tier 3: Mystery Shop- This is because of Alice being an item dependent hero and may find it struggling to farm from time to time especially at the early stages of the game. This is also best for beginners.

Hero build

Core Items:

Demon Shoes-
Demon shoes is a highly cost efficient item for Alice wherein this generally solves her mana issues at the start of the game. Although there will still be times that you would find yourself running out of mana it would still suffice if you learn how to control your mana consumption.

Clock of Destiny - Gives Alice a huge amount of mana stat and even HP and Magic Power. This can also solve her mana issues since it increases her overall mana pool.

Lightning truncheon- This item has a synergy with Clock of Destiny. This also increases her mana stat and cooldown stat. This also helps her in wave clear. Upon getting this, you would often find yourself clearing waves with just skill 1 and skill 2. This item could also give you that extra damage or poke you need. The 10% cooldown reduction is one of the reason, along with its passive of course, why this is one of the best magic item for early game.

Winter truncheon- As an initiator/distruptive hero, winter truncheon synergizes very well with your ultimate wherein once you land in the middle of the fight and you find yourself being focused on. Activating this item can give you that extra protection while dealing damage and sustaining at the same time with your ultimate ongoing.

Holy Crystal-This item is highly essential for Alice as you would still find yourself lack luster in terms of damage without it. Since mid-late game this item provides you that burst and continues damage you are looking for.

Sub-Core Items:

Oracle -
Oracle gives you that extra annoyance of continues sustain without having to rely too much on your ultimate at the same time if you find enemies using necklace of durance or deadly blade against you, this item sort of counters it as you would still find yourself continuously sustaining their damage especially with your ultimate on. Although this is a sub-core as other items can be more efficient with her depending on the situation.

Glowing Wand- Glowing wand basically is just a creme on the top item for Alice as this gives her overall stats she needs while adding that extra DPS on her but then again, depending on the situation of the game there maybe other items that can be more efficient. The most notable stats you can gain from this item is the movement speed and HP.

Concentrated Energy - This item is also built by most Alice users for additional sustainability. This is quite situational since it won't be efficient to build this when the enemy already has anti-regen capabilities. The magic power and HP might help but when countered, Alice should get other item.

Divine Glaive - This is a good magic penetration item for Alice since she can also abuse the passive for bonus magic penetration. Although, you might also want to combine this with items that help you regenerate health to abuse the passive like Oracle and Concentrated Energy.

Battle Spell:

The recommended battle spell choice for Alice would be the following:

Petrify - it gives that additional distruption as well as a window for her to set up her skills or simply just interrupt heroes that require channeling their spells first. Although if you guys find it a struggle to utilize petrify with her (especially for beginners),then use Vengeance.

Vengeance - this spell provides damage reduction which will help Alice to stay in the middle of a teamfight for much longer.

Execute - This spell can also be a very good choice since Alice can chase low HP heroes and secure a kill.

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General Gameplay Tips:

Alice generally struggles early on in the game especially without her ultimate and at least getting 1-2 items (including boots). Wherein her primary focus at the early game is to gather orbs as fast as she can and get to level 4 before roaming and aiding your team around although when opportunity calls to assist your team then why not. Especially if it would be an easily kill but do note that you would have to time your 2nd skill properly as this is your only lock down skill (unless you use petrify as your battle spell).

When launching your 1st skill, it is better to aim carefully rather than tap wherein once you've mastered hitting this against enemy heroes you would then find yourself aiming it as well in spots where you can easily juke/position yourself against them after which get in and out with ease. Aside from that, your 1st skill can also be used as a bait and switch tactic wherein you can use this to launch at unpredictable positions that may seem like your escape but on the contrary it is merely a distraction for you to simply walk away or walk the opposite direction(this basically gives her the overall mobility and deception as well as damage).

Using your 1st skill to harass your opponents down before teleporting in as your 1st skill has a relatively low cool down and deals fair enough damage. After which you can go in for the kill with your 1st 2nd and ultimate combo.

When using your ultimate and going in, it is better to preemptively cast your ultimate first before going in wherein you launch your 1st skill first followed by casting your ultimate once your 1st skill is near the position you want to be followed by your 2nd skill to lock them in place and then activating winter truncheon to constantly deal damage while being safe from your enemies.

Your orbs can unlock extra benefits for you once you've collected enough so it is best to unlock them as soon as you can and continuously farm them as this also gives you increase hp. If you are facing enemies that deal hp % damage or many of them are either equipped with glowing wand or demon hunter, be careful on farming as this can also lead to your downfall/easy burst against you.

To summarize, the gameplay for Alice would be focusing on lanes in early game. Roam to other lanes too just to collect the orbs. Getting the lithowanderer also will help you to roam between lanes faster.

Example: After clearing mid, take lithowanderer for the movement speed boost so that after you collect orbs in exp lane, you can go back to mid fast for the next minion wave.

Hope you learned something new from this guide. Join the Mobile Legends Forum and stay tuned for more informative content!