Mobile Legends 2020 Badang Guide - An easy to use Carry Hero

Badang is an easy to learn hero. He has low difficulty that is why even beginners can use him to rush their way to the rankings. Especially in Grandmaster Rank, you need a fighter hero to do both the push and enough damage also to kill while tanking too.
  • Role: Fighter
  • Specialty: Charge/Burst

Statistical Info
  • HP: 2708
  • HP Regen: 40
  • Physical Attack: 119
  • Physical Defense: 23
  • Magic Defense: 10
  • Attack Speed: 0.908
  • Movement Speed: 250

Skills Analysis

Passive: Chivalry Fist

After every 4 basic attacks, the next basic attack does extra damage and knocks them back. If an enemy is knocked back to an obstacle it will stun them for 0.8s. Badang's fist winds from his first and ultimate skill can take the knockback effect without having to do 4 basic attacks. Creeps or jungle monsters will be stunned immediately. His skill 1 and ultimate skill can also add a stack in his passive.

Skill 1: Qigong Fist - [AoE]
CD: 7s to 5s

Badang coheres his strength to his fist to release a powerful fist wind to a designated direction. Any enemies within the range will be knocked back a short distance and slowed down by 70%. The damage dealt is 220(+70%Total Physical Attack) with an extra 155(+50%Total Physical Attack) if the fist wind hits a wall. This skill will add 1 stack to the passive and will enjoy basic attack effects such as DHS, Endless Battle, and Lifesteal items. The explosion damage will be considered as skill damage.

Skill 2: Fist Break - [CC] [Blink]
CD: 10s

Badang dashes towards a designated direction. If he hits an enemy he will knock them back and form a curved wall behind them dealing 230(+50%Total Physical Attack) points if damage. If an enemy hits he wall left by Badang they will receive an extra 130(+30%Total Physical Attack) points of damage.

If he doesn't hit any enemy, cooldown will be reduced by 40%

Use Again: Removes Wall

Ultimate: Fist Crack - [Burst]
CD: 30s

Badang quickly throws his fist towards the designated direction dealing 70(+50%Total Physical Attack) points of damage multiple times. If the fist winds hit an obstacle it will deal 42(+30%Total Physical Attack) points of damage enemies around it. This skill enjoys Basic Attack effects. During this, Badang generates a shield that absorbs 500(+150%Total Physical Attack) points of damage which will also make him immune to CC.


Recommended Emblem:

Assassin High and Dry Talent
3 pts for Movement Speed and Physical Pen

Recommended Spell: Flicker (for the ult flicker trick) or Arrival

Recommended Items:
  • Warrior Boots
  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Golden Staff
  • Queen's Wings
  • Rose Gold Meteor
  • Immortality
You may also buy Hunter's Knife or Wooden Mask depending on your preferred playstyle.

You may also modify the build to be more burst type by adding Blade of Despair.

You may also create a crit build with Windtalker just make sure the Golden Staff will be changed. Corrosion Scythe is also a good attack speed item.

If you need Tough Boots, then modify the arrangement and prioritize Immortality for the balance of Magic and Physical Defense. That also gives you an opportunity to changed Rose Gold Meteor for another item.

Miscellaneous Gameplay Tips

1. You can use Flicker to reposition your ultimate skill. An additional blink skill is also helpful that is why Flicker is one of the best spells to use for Badang.

2. Do not initiate a 1v1 without your ultimate skill. You can't also provide much in teamfights without your ultimate skill.

3. Basic Skill Combo is Skill 2 then Ult. Use Skill 1 and Basic Attacks depending on the scenario. If you are against a low HP hero, you can use Skill 1 and some basic attacks to finish it. Some may be tempted to use skill 2 plus skill 1 combo but this is risky since your skill 2 is your only blink skill.

4. At the start of the game, buy normal boots, unlock and skill 1, and cut the enemy minions behind the outer turret in toplane. This is very probable since the popular META is to secure red buff first so there will be no one to defend against you unless they know the proper tactic to counter Lane cut.

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