Mobile Legends 2020 Best Heroes - Featuring the Kadina Triumvirate

There is this trio that has been proven as part of the most effective tactics available. This is popularly known as the "Kadina Triumvirate". Kadina comes from the first syllable of the heroes which composed this triumvirate: Karrie, Diggie, and Nana. Read further to learn more about this trio.

Karrie is a marksman which is currently known as the marksman queen. Her main damage source comes from her passive which deals percentage true damage, a type of damage that deals higher damage output against High HP heroes and it can't be reduced by physical or magical defense stats. Only shields can reduced its damage output by absorbing some of the damage when it is about to pop.

Diggie is a pure support hero. His signature is to remove crowd control effects. He also has other utilities like providing more map vision and holding a target to a certain location. He can also deal a decent amount of damage.

Lastly, Nana is a mage/support hero. Her signature is her ability to morph enemies into Molina which will disable them to prevent them from doing anything. She also has a decent poke damage and burst.

This Kadina Triumvirate needs not to be always in the same team to be very effective. They boost every line-up just by their individual abilities. But of course, seeing them in one team makes them really hard to beat.


  • Emblem: Assassin Bounty Hunter 3 pts for Phy Atk and Phy Pen
  • Spell: Retribution
  • Items: Swift Boots; Raptor Machete; Endless Battle; Golden Staff; Queen's Wings; Immortality

  • Emblem: Support Focusing Mark 3 pts for Movement Speed and Hybrid Regen
  • Spell: Flameshot
  • Items: Courage Mask; Magic Shoes; Fleeting Time; Necklace of Durance; Immortality; Twilight Armor
  • Emblem: Mage Impure Rage 3 pts for Magic Power and Magic Pen
  • Spell: Flameshot
  • Items: Demon Shoes; Courage Mask; Glowing Wand; Necklace of Durance; Fleeting Time; Immortality
Gameplay Tips

1. Diggie can help to kill the buff faster by putting alarm bombs even before the buff monster spawns.

2. Diggie and Nana can use Alarm Bombs and Molina for more map vision. Use it to scout bushes, to poke, etc.

3. Karrie and Diggie normally goes bottom lane in a usual solo queue rotation.

4. Diggie and Nana's second skills can serve as an initiation to a teamfight unless the target is not the core hero which is currently nearby.

Karrie is strong against both tank and squishy heroes. The main advantage of Karrie over other marksman is she can burst tanks the fastest. There is no hard counter to Karrie. But there are some ways to reduce her efficiency

1. Valir can knock her back. Just take note that Karrie has shorter range compared to the likes of Bruno.

2. Shields. It can deny some damage but onced it popped, Karrie will deal percentage true damage as usual even if you purchase high HP items or increase your physical defense. Physical defense are meant to reduced the damage of her active skills and basic attack but not her passive.

3. Dominance Ice is a good counter item too. Karrie already enjoys lesser attack speed from items so how about decreasing it further. This item is also perfect since this gives no HP stat but high physical defense.

Diggie is strong against CC reliant heroes. The cooldown of his ultimate skill might be long but he is more than his ultimate skill. Any squishies might find themselves get killed by 3 alarm bombs of Diggie. There is also no hard counter to Diggie but there are ways to lessen his effectiveness in-game.

1. You can use Grock to absorb his alarm bombs and even use Grock as a bait for Diggie to use its skill 2. Grock's Skill 1 active when near a wall makes him immune to Crowd controls.

2. Have lots of initiation options. Bait Diggie's ult with one crowd control skill then use the others when his ultimate skill is on cooldown. Also prepare to disengage a bit and have high DPS and burst damage dealers.

Nana is strong against dive team compositions. Molina can always stop prevent the dive of the likes of Hylos. Or even though they can engage, they won't get out easily since they will be disabled and be burst down by Nana and allies. Example of diving carry heroes are assassins like Gusion, fighters that flank like Leomord, and even a mage like Esmeralda. Nana is also tricky to kill since she has a passive that help her escape before she will be really killed. She can waste enemies' skills when they lock at her. That is obvious advantage for her allies.

Here are some heroes that can remove Molina's Transformation immediately or even be immuned to it.

1. Wanwan

Her second skill is like the purify spell. She can remove the Molina transformation. Wanwan can purposely approach Molina and let herself be transformed then use second skill.

2. Kagura

Similar with Wanwan, Kagura also has a skill that is like the purify spell. It is her second skill when she is holding her umbrella. Make sure that she is with her umbrella because if not, she can't remove Molina's Transformation.

3. Valir

Some might not know this but Valir's Ultimate Skill also acts as a purify. Valir can purposely approach Molina and let himself be transformed then use ultimate skill to counter-attack.

4. Akai

Some might also be unaware that Akai's Ultimate skill can remove Molina's Transformation. Akai can purposely approach Molina and let himself be transformed then use ultimate skill to pin a target to a wall.

5. Miya

Miya can also remove Molina's Transformation using her ultimate skill. So if you are planning to use Miya and there is an enemy Nana, always keep in mind that once you are caught by Molina, use your ultimate skill and safely escape or even counter-attack.

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