Mobile Legends 2020 Lolita Guide - best hero for Season 15!

The hero with the highest win rate currently is Lolita. We update the list weekly so stay tuned to know which heroes are the best to use as of now.

Lolita is not a carry hero. Like other tanks, she lacks damage, thus, even the best Lolita player still cannot make an impact if her team is weak.

However, a good Lolita allows carry heroes to survive and be well-farmed. Her presence can help average carry players to dominate.

The reason why she is not a popular pick is because she is hard to use and to master. An average player might take 20 matches to fully learn her mechanics. Tank players might only take around 10 matches. But mastering her, which includes both micro and macro game, might take even at most 120 matches. Those who can not use Lolita well will surely relate with what I've said.

She counters all projectiles in general. Projectiles includes long range basic attacks and some skills.

Some heroes that use projectiles:

Gusion, Cyclops, Harley, Franco's first skill, Lunox and all marksman.

Lolita can also block Claude's ult however not all of it because Claude's attack speed while using ult is too high which makes it penetrate somehow to Lolita's Second Skill.

Gord's first skill (before it hits the ground), and Selena's Abyssal Arrow are also other skills Lolita can deny.

Lolita's weak point is her ultimate skill that can be canceled by CC skills. This is just one of the things that makes Lolita hard to master.

Lolita's Skills Summary

Passive: The shield generated for allies help protect them from poke or weak AoE damage, and can sometimes save their lives. Best thing is that it earns Lolita assists.

Skill 1 Charge: It's the only mobility skill of Lolita and single target lock. First click is the dash, while the second is the stun with slow and attack bonus.

Note: Be mindful on the direction of the dash and the target of the lock. You wouldn't want to dash and stun a minion. Use Hero Lock Mode to prioritize targeting heroes.

Skill 2 Guardian’s Bulwark: The shield is what makes Lolita unique from all heroes. This is one of the reasons why she is a tank. This is also somehow a support skill but her passive is the main reason why she is a support.

Note: It cannot block turrets. Only projectiles from enemy units.
  • This can be cancelled by knockup or morph.
  • This skill is also one of the reason why using Lolita is hard.
  • Ultimate: A Crowd Control Skill. Landing it is the most difficult thing about playing Lolita.
Tips: Manually aim this skill.
  • Use it while hiding in a bush.
  • Learn how to do the Ultimate plus Flicker Trick.
Her ultimate can be stopped by all forms forms of CC. Being interrupted and missing your target would mean a full cooldown again. So this skill is high risk, high reward.

Do not initiate with your ultimate if you think your team will not follow up. Teammates might be busy farming or afraid to attack due to lack of equipment and experience. Do not waste your ultimate in that case, and make sure your team would follow your lead.


An effective tank player would memorize all items and build items differently each game, but it is good to start with something simple that is why this guide will recommend some ideal builds for her.

Tank item building is slow and about investment; the first 2-3 items you finish might be the ones you will use until the game ends, against assassins, MMs or fighters that can farm faster. Thus, I recommend these starting sets to keep Lolita effective but rich with gold.

Recommended Spell is Flicker because of the Flicker Ult Trick

Recommended Emblems:

Tank Emblem Tenacity Talent
  • 3 pts in HP
  • 3 pts in CDR
Support Emblem Avarice or Pull Yourself Together Talent.

3pts for movement speed and hybrid regeneration

This is not recommended if you are the main tank. Only use this is you will be a secondary tank.


Set 1: General Build
  • Wooden Mask to Shadow Mask or Courage Mask later on
  • 2 Magic Necklace to Thunderbelt later on
  • Warrior/Tough Boots
  • Athena’s Shield/Oracle
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Immortality
Set 2: Against Burst (late game)
  • Shadow/Courage Mask
  • Warrior/Tough Boots
  • Thunderbelt
  • Athena’s Shield/Oracle
  • Sky Guardian Helmet/Queen's Wings
  • Immortality
Set 3: Against 1 Mage or Against DPS
  • Shadow/Courage Mask
  • Warrior Boots
  • Athena's Shield/Oracle
  • Thunderbelt
  • Immortality
  • Antique Cuirass
Remember that Lolita isn't very tanky early game. She gets more durable once she gets items.

Gameplay Tips

The strategy is the same with all tanks: help carry jungle and farm (give them last hit), lane with the slow and squishy teammate, never clear waves or push by yourself, set the pace of the game: cautious or aggressive.

Early Game

Lolita should never, ever be alone. If they won't guard lanes, join them in jungle or their preferred lane.

Level up Skill 1 first. It has mobility for escape, chase and damage. With proper coordination, the stun can help secure early kills for your team.

If you lane against an MM or a low mobility projectile mage, be aggressive. Your shield and stun combo can reduce their health to 40% that they might recall. It's also possible to kill them 1v1.

Minimize recalling in general. But still it's better to recall early for full health than to insist on staying with low HP.

Once you reach level 4, your Ultimate can be used in ganking midlane or the solo guarded lane.


Once you build your first full defense item, you can now be more aggressive in the frontlines and soak damage.

Even mid or late game, Lolita can 1v1 and kill some squishy projectile MMs or mages but this is very situational and might be used by the enemy to kill you or pull you away from your team. Lolita should be near with an ally.

Late Game

Your initiations will be crucial from here. Always try to stun the main damage dealers of the enemy. Your teammates should have already know how to position theirselves so that they wouldn't need your protection. You should zone out the enemy backlines so that your team will have a higher chance to win the teamfight.

Miscellaneous Tips

Lolita is recommended to be learned by those who already reaches Grandmaster. You need to learn the basics already because Lolita's mechanics is not for beginners. So if you are only new to the game, learn to use basic heroes first.

Why in Grandmaster?

Not only because MMs popular in this tier, but it has the right difficulty of opponents to practice landing her Ultimate. This is also the tier where people begin to learn that tanks matter and they would beg for a tank teammate.

As you climb higher to draft, playing her only gets harder since enemies learn to counter her. But don't get too discouraged by the tougher entry level in higher ranks, as your experience, map awareness and knowledge are advantages in learning her.

Additionally, pick her when the enemy has 2 or more ranged hero. Melee heroes are lolita's weakness.

Lastly, I recommend playing her aggressively especially when up againsts squishies like mm and mages as she is capable of killing them on her own.