Mobile Legends 2020 Minotaur Guide - The rising META tank

Minotaur is a tank with a very effective crowd control over enemies combining with good ability effects and ability to heal himself and his allies. He is one of the recently buffed heroes and this guide will help you how to play him effectively in the current battlefield situation.

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Minotaur also doesn't have a mana bar, instead, he has a rage bar. This will be discussed further in the succeeding sections of this guide.

Skills Analysis


Minotaur's rage increases whenever his basic attacks and skills hit an enemy unit. Once Minotaur's rage reaches its maximum, he will enter a rage state and gain bonus damage, armor and magic resistance (increases with level). Skills also gain bonus effects. After Minotaur loses his rage state, he can not recover rage for a brief period.

Skill 1

Minotaur jumps towards a designated location. Upon landing, Minotaur deals 280 / 295 / 310 / 325 / 340 / 355 (+60% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to all surrounding enemies and slows them by 65%. Minotaur also recovers rage. If Minotaur is in rage state, the damage of this are becomes larger and deals 1.5% of the enemy's max HP in Physical Damage.

Skill 2

Minotaur motivates himself and surrounding allies, Minotaur regenerates HP based on the damage he has taken, while allies are healed by 260 / 280 / 300 / 320 / 340 / 360 HP. Within 2 seconds, Minotaur recovers rage if attacked by a basic attack. If Minotaur is in rage state, he recovers a regeneration effects within 2 seconds, causing him to heal when attacked by basic attacks


Minotaur enters a rage-save state where he continuously recovers rage. The longer Minotaur charges this skill the more rage he recovers.

If in a rage state, Minotaur smashes the ground 3 times, sending shockwaves that deal 180 / 240 / 300 (+85% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to surrounding enemies and slows them by 70%. The last two shockwaves knock enemies up, while the final shockwave deals 200 / 250 / 300(+85% Total Physical Attack) points of True Damage.

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Tank Tenacity Talent

Why Tenacity?

After the nerf, Assassins and Mages can even kill you early game when you are not in Rage Mode. That is why the additional 35 physical and magical defense is very helpful especially when you are low health.

You cannot activate Brave Smite every 10 seconds but this may still help everytime you use your ultimate skill. Just decide.

Attack and Defense is also not recommended since you are a tank not the main damage dealer. You will be bullied more in early game if you are not tanky.

Tier 1: Firmness (+12 Physical Defense)

This is one of the best adjustment for the Minotaur Users. Previously, they choose Vitality for the HP. But since Minotaur has low Physical Defense, this adjustment is the best option.

Tier 2: Mastery (+8% CDR)

Why not Fortress (+8% Physical Defense) or the additional magic defense?

CDR (cooldown reduction) is still much more useful so that you can spam your ultimate skill.

Spell: Flicker

This is not for escape. This is for repositioning so that you can surprise enemies then use your ult. Try mastering that trick.

But if you are not comfortable with that, Petrify can also be an option for extra stun.

Flameshot is also a good option especially if you are using Minotaur as a support along with Support Emblem Pull Yourself together and giving 3 points for CDR and Healing Effect.

Revitalize or Aegis is also possible as a defensive spell.

Item Sets:

First Set: Balance
  • Courage Mask
  • Warrior Boots
  • Cursed Helmet
  • Blade Armor
  • Oracle
  • Sky Guardian Helmet
Second Set: More HP
  • Courage Mask
  • Warrior Boots
  • Cursed Helmet
  • Immortality
  • Oracle
  • Sky Guardian Helmet
Third Set: Support
  • Courage Mask
  • Tough Boots
  • Brute Force Chestplate
  • Oracle
  • Immortality
  • Sky Guardian Helmet
Fourth Set: Ideal/Beginner
  • Courage Mask
  • Warrior Boots
  • Athena's Shield
  • Immortality
  • Oracle
  • Sky Guardian Helmet
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Early Game tips

Buy wooden mask. Go midlane along with the Mage or Assassin. Help your core to secure their buffs.

Do not leave them. Either you will follow them or they will follow you. Spam your second skill to heal you and your ally.

You may also go bottom lane and help your marksman to secure the red buff. Always check for possible invade before going to the red buff's location. Check the so-called "lane cut bush" to avoid being invaded by enemy mid heroes and offlaner.

Midgame tips

Do not overextend when you are not in Rage Mode. Slowly come forward when your Rage Mode Bar is almost full. Stay with your teammates. Do not try to push alone. You are squishy when not in Rage Mode, remember? You are also an easy-to-kill target for Assassins so better lead or follow your teammates.

Late Game tips

Win teamfights. Always try to disable the main damage dealer. Use your flicker and first skill to reach the enemy marksman. You are not that very squishy now so you can be in the frontline every now and then.

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Tips and Tricks
  1. Master managing your Rage Mode Bar. Do not let it reach full Bar when you are not engaging in a teamfight. You will learn this better through experience.
  2. Master the flicker ult. It is very helpful especially that you are the one who's assigned to disable main damage dealers of the enemy team.
  3. Do not rush using your ult. Always look at your rage mode bar so that you can know whether you still have time to wait or time to go.
  4. Minotaur's Items are situational to counter the enemy in your lane for early game. For two enemies, consider buying a cheaper physical and magical defense item in the shop that you can later use to fully build your item. Example, you may prioritize Cursed Helmet because it is very useful in laning.
  5. Countering Minotaur is simple. The tactic is to retreat while he is in Rage Mode and to attack after his Rage Mode Bar goes empty. He is really squishy when not in Rage Mode.
  6. As a Minotaur, you can outsmart enemies by counter-initiation. Although it is now much harder to counter-initiate since you are squishy when not in Rage Mode. Let enemies try to kill you first then if you are alive, you can use ult while they are still gathered around you.
  7. Because of the new mechanics about the roam item, learn when is the best time to purchase it. The standard is that when you are going lane clear, kill a minion first before purchasing. If helping the marksman take the red buff first, buy it immediately. It really depends on situation so learn to adapt especially if you are playing solo queue.
Minotaur is slowly getting popular again and he is expected to be seen more in Ranked Games. If ever you need to use a tank, master using Minotaur now and he will surely give you great results if played properly.

Hope this guide helps you and stay tuned for more!