Mobile Legends 2020 Selena Full Guide - Get Purple Buff in just 4 seconds!

Selena is the dominant two-form magic assassin. A mage-assassin who possesses two different forms, featuring strong ranged magic attack and close-handed melee combat.

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Passive: Symbiosis

Because of the power bestowed upon her by the Moon God and the Abyss, Selena can switch freely between her two forms. Skill used in her Elven form will attach Abyssal Marks to her enemies, and skill used in Abyssal form will consume these marks to deal 240~450 (+40% Total Magic Power) magical damage.

Skill 1 Elven Form: Abyssal Trap

Summons Abyssal Devils to lurk in designated locations. When approached by enemy units, they will smother them with their bodies, dealing 400 (+150% Total Magic Power) Magical damage to the target and surrounding enemies after a brief period of time, while reducing their movement speed by 50% for 1s. Devils can also attached to Selena's body, but she will not take damage or be slowed by them. Up to 3 devils can exist at the same time. Damage will decay when a target is takes damage from multiple devils at the same time.

Skill 2 Elven Form: Abyssal Arrow

Channels the power of the abyss into magic arrows then fires them in the specified direction. Enemy hit are stunned for at least 0.5s up to 3s and take 250% (+20% Total Magic Power) Magical damage. Stun duration and damage increase the further the arrows fly. Abyssal Traps hit along the way will be absorbed and the trap's effect will be applied to the target when hit.

Ultimate Skill Elven Form: Primal Darkness

Selena melds with the Abyss, entering abyssal form and gaining 30% Movement speed for 0.8s. She also gains access to new skills while in abyssal form.

Skill 1 Abyssal Form: Soul Eater

Uses the power of the abyss to strengthen both claws, cause the next basic attack to deal an additional 350 (+110% Total Magic Power) Magical damage, while granting a shield that absorbs 300 (+150% Total Magic Power) damage.

Skill 2 Abyssal Form: Garotte

Charges in the specified direction, dealing 150 (+50% Total Magic Power) Magical damage to enemies along the way. If this damage triggers the Abyssal Mark effect, its cooldown will reset immediately.

Ultimate Skill Abyssal Form: Moon God

Calls upon the power of the Moon God to rid her body of the Abyss, increasing movement speed by 30% for a short time and restoring Elven skills.


Recommended Emblem:
  • Magic Worship Talent
  • Put 3 pts on Magic Power and Magic Pen
Recommended Spells:


Recommended Items:
  • Demon Shoes/Arcane Boots
  • Core Items: Calamity Reaper and Holy Crystal
  • Jungle Item: Beast Killer or Star Shard
  • Lifesteal Item: Concentrated Energy or Ice Queen Wand or Necklace of Durance
  • Late game items: Immortality/Winter Truncheon
Other situational items: Divine Glaive/Glowing Wand/Genius Wand

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Gameplay Tips

Buy hunter's knife. Go to the purple buff area. Put 3 abyssal traps before the buff comes out. You can kill it quickly by using the trick to be elaborated below. Then go kill the lithowanderer quickly if still available then clear the midlane.

Do the alternating lane-jungle-lane-jungle tactic so that you won't waste the gold from minions. Don't just farm in the jungle all throughout the early game just to stack your jungle item.

Steps in killing the first purple buff fast

1. Your skill 1 and ultimate skill should be available. Put an abyssal trap on the location of the purple buff. Better if put on the location where both the serpent and its little version will both be hit since abyssal trap is an AoE Skill.

2. Your ultimate skill resets the cooldown of your skills and it is much lower than your skill 1. That is why use your ultimate skill to transform back and forth to your elven form. Then put another abyssal trap.

3. Do step 2 again and put down a 3rd abyssal trap just before the serpents spawn. Transform again to Abyssal Form.

4. Use Soul Eater and kite the serpents to go to the location of your abyssal traps to kill it fast.

5. You need not to use Retribution. You may save it for securing a gold crab or you may even steal the enemy's buff.

Basic Skill Combo
  1. Put an abyssal trap
  2. Fire an abyssal arrow
  3. Transform to abyssal form
  4. Dash using skill 2 (make sure to hit the target)
  5. Use soul eater
  6. Dash out using refreshed Garotte
  7. Transform back to Elven form
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Other tips and tricks
  1. Put abyssal traps in bushes. They will provide you map vision.
  2. As much as possible, your abyssal arrow should take an abyssal trap on its path to deal extra damage to the target.
  3. You will receive a movement speed boost if you hit an enemy using abyssal arrow.
  4. Just a reminder. You will get movement speed boost whenever you use your ultimate skill.
  5. You can also use the bushes to hide the abyssal arrow's path.
  6. Your team can use arrival spell to be teleported to the location of Selena's Abyssal Trap
  7. Use your skill 1 in abyssal form to push turrets faster. The enhanced basic attack damage works even to turrets.
  8. The abyssal trap is actually an AoE skill. It can deal damage to enemies in an area. This is helpful in clearing minion waves faster.
  9. I also like to emphasize the shield given by Soul Eater. It helps you to survive especially in tower diving.
  10. Prioritize Skill 1 over skill 2
Have fun using Selena and apply what you learned in this guide. Tune in for more informative contents. Leave a comment below for requests, questions and suggestions.