Mobile Legends 2020 Starlight Edition Lucky Draw - Obtain Karrie's Newest Skin and more

Guild of Guardians
Join in the 2020 Starlight Edition Lucky Draw to have a chance to get the "Neon Lightwheel" Annual Starlight Edition Skin of Karrie and other exclusive rewards like the "2020 Starlight Member Edition" Starlight Exclusive Avatar Border and Starlight Exclusive Elimination Effect "Star".


There are two stages of this event: the pre-release stage and the official release stage. The prize pool and price of drawing will be different among these two stages. Each draw costs 50 diamonds currently in its pre-release stage which will last until November 30, 2020. The official release stage will start on December 1, 2020 until December 31, 2020.

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Everyone can still get rewards even without spending any amount of diamonds or even recharging. There will be a "Daily Surprise" that will give a player random rewards once a day just by tapping it. There is a big chance to collect event badges even in the Daily Surprise which can be used to exchange in the Store.

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The Store has nine distinct items including the exclusive starlight skin. That is why players can also obtain this skin by exchanging 400 badges in the store.

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An important thing to take note is that the Starlight Exclusive Avatar Border and Starlight Exclusive Elimination Effect will only be available on the pre-release stage prize pool. That is why players are encourage to participate even in the pre-release stage.

Exclusive rewards await so make sure to join this event and share this info to your friends! Stay tuned for more news and updates!