Mobile Legends 2020 Vale Guide - the unpopular META hero

Vale is a powerful Burst/CC type of mage that is very flexible depending on how you choose his skill path, thanks to his passive. He is also a hero that can poke and take down enemies from a safe distance and can easily engage or disengage in team fights. In spite of that, he lacks the mobility to get out of sticky situations so players must be careful positioning yourself when playing him.

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Latest adjustment to Vale:

Patch 1.5.16

Vale (↑)

Passive (↑):

  • Movement Speed gain of each stack: 5 → 8
  • Stack limit: 12 → 10
Skill 1 - Scatter (↑):Cooldown: 5 → 4s
Skill 2 (~): Cooldown: 9-7.5s → 8.5s
Skill 2 - Fix (↑): Base damage of continuous damage: 90-215 → 150-225
Skill 2 - Control (↓): Airborne duration: 1.1 → 1s

Quick Skill Recap

His passive can be stacked up to 12 times to increase his movement speed by 5 each stack. His first skill can be set as an increased damage or increase area. His second skill is a CC skill that slows enemies and can be even equipped with knock-up effect when Vale is at Level 8. His ultimate skill can be increased damage or be a crowd control skill.

Emblem Build:

Tier 1:Flow- While movement speed is a decent pick up for Vale, Flow is a more viable option since you would want to have the extra magic power at the start to easily pressure your enemies.

Tier 2: Catastrophe- Following the logic for Flow, Catastrophe is simply a booster to your mid to late game potential. Especially since Vale can easily manipulate his playstyle and build depending on how he upgrades his skills

Tier 3: Magic Worship-Due to vale's nature of being a combo mage, it is rather easy for vale to trigger this which can easily result to additional damage towards his targets especially if there are times that after doing a combo, you find yourself lacking that extra damage to finish off targets wherein overall this talent offers that for vale.

Recommended Build:
  • Demon Shoes
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Holy Crystal
  • Winter Truncheon
  • Genius Wand
  • Divine Glaive
Battle Spell:
  • Ideal battle spell for Vale would be Flicker
  • You may also use Aegis or Purify for defensive purposes.
In terms of rotation, you may consider staying in lane or rotate along with your roamer and jungler to ambush a sidelane. Another important tip is to always mind your positioning and manually aim his skills.

That's it for this guide! Hope this helps you get a better gameplay for Vale and stay tuned for more!