Mobile Legends 2021 Roger Guide - The most balance hypercarry

Roger is a hero that wasn't adjusted for several patch notes yet he ended up being one of the best carry heroes due to the changes in battlefield situation. He has great stats and abilities as he is tanky when in wolf form and will get access to different skills as he transforms. This guide will help you give you an idea to use him much easier.


Skill Review

Passive: Full Moon Curse

  • In Human Form, Roger's basic attacks against enemies will slow them down by 10%.
  • In Wolf Form, his basic attacks deals extra damage that is equal to 5% of enemies' lost HP. Deals up to 60 extra damage to Creeps.
  • Extra damage benefits from Golden Staff
Skill 1 Human Form: Open Fire

This is a damage skill. The first hunter net slows enemies by 80% for 1.5 seconds, while the second one reduces the enemies' Physical Defense by 10 / 14 / 18 / 22 / 26 / 30 for 5 seconds.

Skill 2 Human Form: Hunter's Steps
  • Roger increases his Movement Speed by 50% for 2.5 seconds.
  • Movement Speed buff lasts even after switching form.
Ultimate Skill: Wolf Transformation

In Wolf Form, Roger increases his Physical Defense and Magic Defense by 20 / 30 / 40 / 50, and increases his Movement Speed by 40%.

Roger turns into a wolf, dealing 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 (+100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies in his area and slowing them down by 90% for 0.8 seconds.

This skill can be blocked by the Grounded effect.

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Skill 1 Wolf Form: Lycan Pounce

Roger jumps towards a target, dealing Physical Damage which can be also dealt to 3 other targets.
  • During this skill's duration, Roger becomes untargettable.
  • Kills or Assists reduces the cooldown of this skill by 80%.
  • This skill can be blocked by Grounded effect.
Skill 2 Wolf Form: Bloodthirsty Howl

Roger increases his Attack Speed by 15% / 20% / 25% / 30% / 35% / 40% for 5 seconds.

If there is an enemy with less than 40% of their HP nearby, his Movement Speed will be increased by 50% and their location will be revealed to Roger.

Attack Speed buff lasts even after switching form.

Ultimate Skill: Restore Human Form

Roger rolls in a designated direction and turns back into Human Form, gaining 200 / 250 / 300 / 350 (+200% Total Physical Attack) points of shield for 1.5 seconds.

This skill can be blocked by Grounded effect.

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Recommended Emblem:

Put 3 pts to Movement Speed and Physical Penetration. Use Killing Spree Talent.

Recommended Spell: Retribution

Recommended Items:
  1. Raptor Machete - you can buy Nimble Blade first then finished building Swift Boots before upgrading it.
  2. Swift Boots - for attack speed.
  3. Windtalker - for more attack speed, movement speed, and thus more damage output.
  4. Endless Battle - this item synergizes well with Roger's skill plus basic attack combos.
  5. Blade of Despair - for max damage potential.
  6. Queen's Wings - This is also perfect for Roger to provide more defense.
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Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks
  1. Prioritize skill 1 over skill 2.
  2. His skill combo usually starts in Human Form to slow the target then transforming to Wolf Form for max damage.
  3. He works well against low HP targets because of his abilities.
  4. In a teamfight, make sure you are not outnumbered. Wait for your allies before diving in.
  5. Jungle using Roger's wolf form and maximize his ultimate skill.
Overall, understanding his mechanics and abilities is crucial to utilize him well. Make sure to learn more of his capabilities and practice using him to gain more experience and eventually be much better as a player.

If you find this guide helpful, please do share this to your friends. Feel free to comment your thoughts too. Stay tuned for more!
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