Mobile Legends 2021 Starlight Fest Exclusive Skin - Kagura Water Lily Skin Trailer

For the year 2021, the annual starlight skin will be Kagura - Water Lily. The teaser for the 2021 Starlight Fest was posted in the YouTube channel of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Here are the details about the skin and other in-game themed collectibles.


The Kagura - Water Lily skin features Kagura wearing a purple dress and her umbrella is a water lily flower. Her hairstyle has a bun on top along with a long ponytail and her bangs covers her forehead. She also has flowery accessories all around her body.


For the skill effects, her passive when triggered will have an animation showing a faint water lily flower. This similar animation is also visible on her active skills. Her ultimate skills will have more emphasis and noticeable effects with great splash effects.


There will also be an exclusive battle emote, avatar border, and recall effect in-themed with this skin. The battle emote features Kagura wearing this Water Lily skin while pouting. The avatar border has a water lily at the bottom of the frame while the recall effect has water lily in both on the top and bottom.

Here is the trailer of the 2021 Starlight Fest:

No date of release mentioned in the trailer but expect this skin to be available in-game soon.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!