Mobile Legends 2021 Valentines Skins Collection Event - Climb the Charisma Leaderboards

From February 14, 2021 to February 20, 2021, just collect Valentine Skins to complete tasks and claim rewards! An exclusive avatar border and other awesome rewards await. Here's how to claim the rewards!


Main Rewards:

• Avatar Border: 2021 Valentine's Day - Phantom
• Charisma exclusive items: Love at First Sight & Pure Commitment


No need to buy all of the ten valentine skins to get the exclusive avatar border. Just collect the 2021 Valentine's skins which are Carmilla-Cecillion couple skins. Aside from the exclusive avatar border, exclusive charisma items can also be claimed.


Here are the complete rules for this event:

Screenshot_20210215-130459_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

A reward can also be claimed just for sharing this event!

More Tips: Send Gift or Receive Gift to earn Charisma, which will count toward the Leaderboards. (More Charisma points can be earned by using Valentine's Day 2021 exclusive items: Love at First Sight & Pure Commitment.)


Log in to the game and climb the leaderboards together with your friends!

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