Mobile Legends 2022 Starlight Fest Exclusive Skin - Lesley Hawk-eyed Sniper skin preview

Aside from the monthly starlight skins, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang also releases an annual starlight skin. The annual starlight skin for 2022 will be released this November which will be called Lesley Hawk-eyed Sniper, the 2022 Starlight Fest Exclusive Skin. A trailer video of this skin is posted in the official YouTube channel of ML: BB that showed its skill effects and other exclusive in-game resources.


Hawk-eyed Sniper will be added in the current skin gallery of Lesley after Angelic Agent, Cheergunner, Dangerous Love (which will have its painted skin in the encore of resources upon Starlight Fest release), Falcon Mistress, General Rosa, Lethal Lady, and Stellaris Ghost. In Hawk-eyed Sniper, this time she will have the power of the purple lightning along with a pet Hawk that will also be highlighted in the skill effects. Her sniper also received a new look, worthy of the feathery yet strong power.


There will be feathers splash effects that will be appearing whenever her skill 1, Master of Camouflage ended. Her skill 2, Tactical Grenade, makes her casts a lightning granade that will hit in a wing-designed cone-shaped Area of Effect. She will also gain wings that will help her fly in backwards direction. And in her ultimate skill, her hawk will help and channel its energy in every bullet of Lesley's attack.


Here is the official preview of this skin:

Aside from this skin, there will also be a brand new recall effect, "animated" avatar border, and battle emote in-themed with this skin. There will also be an encore of resources like the painted skin of Gusion and Lesley's Valentine skin, some limited-time/exclusive Battle emote, and sacred statues. 2022 Starlight Fest will come on November 21, 2022, ML:BB Server Time.

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