Mobile Legends 5-year Dev Talk reveals the plans for the game in the next five years

Through Mobile Legends official YouTube channel, a 5-year dev talk was recently published, discussing how the game went through changes over the years as well as the future plans for Mobile Legends in the next 5 years.

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A senior game designer who has designed 56 heroes including Chou, Ling, and Roger has answered some questions from the frequently asked questions and complaints of players in regards to how to improve the game.

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Q. How to balance the graphics and smoothness in the next five years?

As the game designer says, it is important for them to provide high-quality content for the players but it can get tricky sometimes to provide decent graphics and fluidity at the same time. Their efforts in making sure players get the high-quality graphics becomes pointless when the player’s phone cannot run the game smoothly.

Players often complain that the game is not smooth and Moonton doesn’t want to lose old players, and so after months of discussion, they started a project.

“Automatically provide each device with the most suitable game assets”

This means if the player’s phone is an old device, they will get lower quality graphic files and the game’s setting will be automatically set to low or mid by default. For players who have high-end devices, they will get the best quality graphics and high settings automatically.

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Q. The plans and obstacles for this project?

The plan he said sounds cool but hard to implement. To make this plan work, they have purchased numerous different phones to learn about the performance difference of each brand. Game artists are working hard to improve ML’s visuals for the best output on each different device. The project demands long-term effort and investment. A lot of work is still needed but he assured that the output won’t let the players down.

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Q. Any plans to improve the game environment?

As Mobile Legends is popular, it has garnered millions of active players. Their goal is to keep the game environment positive and clear. For this to happen, they have implemented the Credit Score system which forces players to keep the game environment positive and clean.

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For instance, leaving the match will reduce a player's credit score that will hinder them in playing ranked matches until their credit score is replenished. Players will also get muted if they trash talk or say bad words to other players. For cheaters, they assured that they are taking action to make the game fair for everyone.

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If you want to know the complete details that they shared, a video below is provided. But one thing is for sure, players can hope that a much better gameplay experience and esports competition can be expected from Moonton in the coming years.