Mobile Legends 515 Nostalgia is here! - Another free skin event

The Nostalgia Event comes back during the 515 eParty for this year 2021. Just like in any Nostalgia Event, players can choose a reward they like. They can get a reward for free just by completing quests including a permanent skin.


In this Nostalgia Event, there are four normal skin that players can choose from. Here are the choices:

1. Hanabi - Resplendent Iris
2. Baxia - Wild Totem
3. Luo Yi - Yin Yang Mage
4. Alpha - Fierce Dragon

Players can choose which skin they want. After selecting a skin, the tasks will be shown. Completing tasks will make you progress to claim the reward after getting enough points.

Screenshot_20210523-080827_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

If the players already got those four skin, there are still other rewards available in the Normal Nostalgia Tab. A player can choose from the following rewards:

1. Thanksgiving Avatar Border (from 2018)
2. S10 Avatar Border
3. Guitar Hero (from Martis' Musical Party)
4. Gacha Party (from Gacha Party event)

Screenshot_20210523-080836_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

Here are some rules to take note:

Screenshot_20210523-080905_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

1. Just by logging in and completing one Classic/Ranked with friends will give you a total of 5 points already.

2. Logging in weekly gives 10 points.

3. It is possible to change the Nostalgia Reward selected anytime and the progress points won't be affected.

4. For the first time of opening this event, 11 points can be claimed already. That means 69 more to go to get a free permanent normal skin.

5. The Normal Nostalgia and Advanced Nostalgia share the same event progress.

Screenshot_20210523-080911_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

This event is available until June 12, 2021. Players can already get the rewards in about 2 weeks just by completing all tasks daily.

Join this event and claim the rewards as soon as possible. Tune in for more news and updates!