Mobile Legends 515 Party Star Event 2021 - Get Harith's newest skin for free!

As part of the 515 Eparty event for this year 2021, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will release an exclusive skin for Harith and it will be given for free to all players. The skin is named as Fashion Expert. Here's how to get this skin for free based on the trailer posted in the official ML:BB Youtube channel.


The trailer features Harith wearing a gamer's fashion style in a violet costume with some cyan stripes. The skill effects of the skin are also showed in the video. The concept of the skin is a pixelated futuristic theme. Harith's skills features holographs and pixel trails.

About how to obtain the skin, it will be given through an event called "Party Star". All players can join for free and can easily find it in-game.


The trailer shows that the Party Star event will be a draw event in which finishing tasks will give a player chances to draw.

Here's the link of the video trailer:
There will be more surprising events upcoming so make sure to be always updated about the news and announcements.

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