Mobile Legends 5th Anniversary Celebration - Miya's New Skin Officially Announced to be given Free!

In celebration of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 5th anniversary, there will be a lot of events to be held and rewards for the players. Miya's Upcoming Skin will also be given for free. Check out the details of the 5th Anniversary Announcement here.


Miya - Moon Goddess skin will be given for free as officially announced. The other details about this was yet to be mentioned. The design of this skin is also patterned with the ML:BB 5th Anniversary Logo.


The details of Miya's skin was also explained in the preview video. She wears white dress and golden cloak. Her long hair is colored brown. There will also be magic crystals on her waist and chest. All of these have special meaning and themed with the anniversary.


The upcoming hero, Floryn, was also mentioned in the announcement. Her partner is named Dew. Even the new model of Harper was featured which means this will also be expected to come with the anniversary update.


Here's the Youtube Video of the announcement from the official ML:BB channel:

About the release date, the video didn't mentioned an exact day but it will probably come on September along with the Project NEXT updates.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!