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Jul 7, 2019
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There has been much confusion and false rumors going around regarding account hacking cases. Please note that so far, there hasn't been any hacked account cases caused by MLBB ID.

It is DeviceID only, and you will be safe as long as you do not install any hack apps, scripts or MLBB mods as according to what developers suspected, some of the hacked apps and scripts have scripts that can get your DeviceID.

The developers are also fixing the DeviceID exploit so do not worry too much. So to summarize, it is impossible to hack an MLBB Account with just in-game ID and server ID.

So for now, what can you do to protect your MLBB Account?
  • Do not click any suspicious links. It maybe tempting because it says "free skins" or "free diamonds" but do not fall for those.
  • If there is any giveaway for these, your account information such as passwords will not be asked and giveaways will be posted on official platforms.
  • Do not install any hack apps, scripts, map hacks or any other MLBB related hack apps and scripts.
  • Developers have suspected that those illegal game modifying files can grab the DeviceID which resulted in accounts getting hacked.
  • And as developers have checked, most hacked accounts have been detected with the malicious files.
  • Bind all your platforms including Moonton account, do not leave a free platform that a hacker can bind with their own platforms.
  • Enable 2-Factor Authentication on all of the accounts you bound to the game. You will receive a mail regarding account switch and a pop up saying your account was detected being logged in from unfamiliar/new location.
  • If this happens, firstly, change your passwords of all bound platforms including your Moonton Account.
  • Then go to your Profile > Account > Account Center > Log Out of All Devices. This should kick the hacker out of your account.
If you are still getting the pop up and mails after you did all those steps, we suggest you to send a mail to: [email protected] explaining your account got hacked with your account details such as Account ID, Server ID and purchase receipts, for more details on what details to send via the given email address. We hope this clears up some confusion amongst the community! Stay safe and happy gaming!
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