Mobile Legends Account Recovery System for Lost Accounts in the game

As lost accounts are pretty common in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the developers have now implemented an account recovery system for players to help them retrieve their lost accounts in the game. Lost accounts are caused by sometimes forgetting to link accounts before logging out of the game, which results in players losing their progress as they either forgot their account credentials or failed to link their account to their social media or Moonton accounts.

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Below is a guide on how to retrieve a lost account in Mobile Legends, credits to AFKGaming:

1. Login using an alternate account. It doesn’t matter if it’s new, as long as you can access the game menu.

2. Make sure you know your account ID and in-game name (IGN). You can search your account credentials through the add friends feature. Simply search either the in-game name or the account ID and tap on the “Check” button.


3. After you check on your lost account information. Head back to the main lobby.

4. Tap on your current account’s profile icon to access the account settings.

5. Head to the “Account” tab and tap on the “Account Center.”

6. Tap on the “Retrieve Account” to access the retrieval system.


7. You will be directed to a website where you can retrieve your account. “Tap on In-game information Verification.”


8. It will request for your lost account’s server ID and IGN. Simply input the necessary details to proceed. Note: Your server ID is the 4-digit number in your account ID.


9. If the verification process is successful, you will be asked various questions about your lost account. These questions vary from the skins you own, achievements, badges, and so on.

10. Successfully answering these questions will grant you access to that account once again.


11. Make sure you link your retrieved account to your social media handles or Moonton account to prevent losing it.


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Sep 27, 2019
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Carl Carl Carl
Hi !

I forgot my password and I dont have an access to my email and contact number anymore.
I can't login to it now

Please Help Me to Recover/Retrieve My Account.

I can't Provide any account ownership proof

My ML ID 8827491 (3015)

You can reply me to this gmail account:
[email protected]

Ihope you help me !

Thank you ♥️♥️♥️

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