Mobile Legends Account Retrieval


Regular Gamer
Jul 7, 2019
We've found that some players might have encountered a problem of account loss while updating to the Speedy Version. For your account security, please don't uninstall your current client, instead, install the new version directly.Meanwhile, please remember to connect your account first before updating, so that your game progress won't be lost.

If you've already run into the problem of account loss, don't worry, please follow the steps below to get back your account:

Situation 1: If you have connected your account to any platforms such as MOONTON Account/ Temporary Account / Google Play Games/Game Center/ Facebook/ VK Account, please tap your Avatar - Account - Switch Account and log in via those platforms.

Situation 2: If you didn't connect your account to any platforms, please go to the Home Screen and tap the BLUE Customer Service icon on the top left corner, then tap "Account Problem" -> "Retrieve Account" -> “Forget platform accounts you bound before" -> "Forget platform accounts". Please fill out the form with your details. We'll help you to retrieve your account.

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