Mobile Legends Additional Adjustments to Original Server; Events page layout update on May 4

The mobile Esports scene has been rapidly growing as the days pass by. The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game is one of the current ones that are trying to reach out as more audience and players as possible to engage them in the Esports scene. The game has already announced a new in-game tournament mode to be released this June 2024 that will definitely help get more players into the competitive Esports industry. As early as this upcoming May 4, 2024, MLBB is already optimizing their in-game layout as announced in their update patch notes 1.8.80 Additional Balance Adjustments to their April 23, 2024 game version. Here are the adjustments and bug fixes mentioned in the patch notes.


1. Fixed an issue where the duration of Kagura's Ultimate should be 1.5s.

This is a bug fix as it seems since the test server is currently experimenting on balancing adjustments with Kagura, it got mixed up already in the latest update despite being not ready for release. Thus, they fixed the duration of Kagura’s ultimate skill for now back to what the current skill description is written in the official server.

2. Fixed an issue where Gloo's and Aldous' Ultimates would sometimes fail to cast.

This is another bug fix to the respective ultimate skills of the heroes Gloo and Aldous.

3. Page layout adjustments

The game will be adjusting the content of the tabs on the Events page and improving the page layout on May 4, 2024, MLBB Server Time. The original “Tournament” page will no longer be displayed on the Events page, but will be moved to the Tournament feature in the Main Interface. Another page adjustment is that the original ”Community” page has been renamed to News.

4. Miscellaneous Optimizations

The game developers/designers simplified the social features area on friends' profile cards by removing the “Unfollow” button on the profile cards. In order to unfollow a friend, players can do that from the main profile page. On non-friend profile cards, the Follow and View Profile buttons are now icons, and Unfriend, Invite to Squad, and Send Gift are moved to a secondary menu. They also added the feature of sending animated emotes in the lobby and in the hero selection phase.


5. Bug fix to Valir and other miscellaneous bug fixes

The last batch of bug fixes includes the fix on the display issue with the hero Valir’s Ultimate fireballs. They also fixed an issue with abnormal loading when switching to the Following page on the Live Stream page. Another issue that was fixed is where tapping on the guide video at the top of the Ranked lobby would not respond. Lastly, they fixed an issue with new Squad verification badges. After the fix, Squad leaders with a verification badge who need to leave or transfer leadership must contact Customer Service.

These are all what was written in the latest hotfix update in the original server. There were no hero adjustments aside from the bug fixes so it seems that they think the metagame is fine for now as it is. There were also no other additional item or battlefield adjustments that’s why players need not to worry about a huge metagame change with this hotfix. The game’s test server also already is experimenting with new hero adjustments that will probably also be released in June 2024 as part of Project NEXT update so watch out for more information about that in-game.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!