Mobile Legends Additional Balance Adjustments to Patch 1.8.66 Org server

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game decided to add some balance adjustments to its current version without releasing a new patch notes update. The game’s original server is still at version Patch Notes 1.8.66 but now, with additional hero adjustments updated before March 2024 ends. There were five heroes adjusted in this hotfix and here are all the additional balance adjustments made to Patch Notes 1.8.66 Org Server.


1. Miya buff

Increased her Skill 2's arrow damage, but the total damage remains the same.

[Skill 2] (↑)
Arrow Damage: 30-80 +15% Total Physical Attack >> 40-105 +20% Total Physical Attack
Number of Arrows: 8 >> 6

These adjustments are tested in the game’s advanced server and the game developers/designers think that Miya needs a buff. Miya had previous nerfs where her base physical attack and physical attack growth was reduced and thus her pure damage per hit has been weaker. Thus, the game tweaked her skill 2 so that each arrow now hurts more but they reduced the number of arrows to not make Miya overpowered as she still performs fine in ranked games.


2. Ruby nerf

Ruby can easily get Spell Vamp from Talents and Equipment in the early game, so they reduced her Base Spell Vamp. Since the short cooldown of her Skill 1 can keep her enemies slowed throughout the fight, they also adjusted the slow duration.

[Passive] (↓)
Base Spell Vamp: 10% >> 5%

[Skill 1] (↓)
Slow Duration: 2s >> 1s

The adjustments to Ruby are pretty straightforward. Ruby players do not need to try to adjust their Talents and Equipment prepped set as these are balancing adjustments. The nerf on her skill 1 may serve to be quite a significant nerf as some teams now use Ruby as Gold Laner because with her skill 1, she also provides additional crowd control that some other Gold Lane options cannot provide.


3. Tigreal nerf

They're glad to see Tigreal back on the battlefield. Now that he can stun enemies with the first half of his Ultimate, it's much easier to use the skill. The game wants to keep that, but shorten the overall control effect.

[Ultimate] (↓)
Total Stun Duration of the Two Stages: 2.5s >> 1.8s

The game decided to shorten the stun duration of Tigreal’s ultimate skill after making it easier to successfully pull off and hit the target. The stun duration isn’t any random number though since it is based relative to the other tank options in the battlefield that have similar or near total crowd control duration in their skill combos. The impact of this adjustment will be reflected in the professional leagues after the easter holiday.


4. Melissa nerf

With the game’s previous adjustments, Melissa was able to deal damage to enemy heroes from afar with bonus attacks against Muddles, simply by attacking without a target. And there's nothing the enemy can do about it.

[Skill 2] (↓)
Only basic attacks that have a target will trigger bonus attacks against Muddles, meaning basic attacks that don't have a target will no longer trigger this effect.

This seems more like an issue being fixed as that mechanic is not part of the intention of the skill effect. The game deemed that microplay unhealthy for the competitive state of the metagame and thus the effect mechanic is adjusted. Melissa is also still expected to appear in the professional leagues despite this adjustment.


5. Masha buff

In the last Patch, they adjusted Masha's playstyle to make her a bit more difficult to play, which has resulted in her not being as strong as expected at the moment. They've fixed several of Masha's shortcomings, including being easily kited while her normal attacks don't hit, being vulnerable to continuous control, and having difficulty building up her Energy before late game team fights due to long skill cooldowns and high HP Costs. They hope that the adjusted Masha can shine in the Jungle position. Corrosion Scythe, Sea Halberd, and Blade of Despair are recommended for early and mid game, along with the Ultimate reset from the Passive, she can kill the enemy over the Turret. Antique Cuirass and Athena's Shield are recommended for late game to improve her survivability.

[Passive] (↑)
New: When depleted, each HP bar blocks one instance of damage and removes CC effects for Masha.

[Skill 1] (↑)
HP Cost: 24% >> 24%-16%

[Skill 2] (↑)
HP Cost: 24% >> 24%-16%
Cooldown: 15-10s >> 8-6s

[Ultimate] (↑)
HP Cost: 34% >> 34%-24%

This patch notes update already laid down the item set they used as basis for Masha’s adjustments. It is now up to the players to tweak in terms of preparation and gameplay to find out if Masha is viable and can meet the expectation of the game which is for her to shine as a Jungler. The three damage items mentioned in the notes are her core items while the defense items could be changed depending on how the player would want to customize the builder.

These are all the balancing hero adjustments added in the original server patch notes version 1.8.66. Recently, the game really has been doing these so-called hotfix or emergency adjustments from time to time to quickly rebalance the game instead of waiting for the huge regular update. The game is also looking to gradually apply in the official server some of the adjustments that are already tested in the advanced server and passed for implementation.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!


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