Mobile Legends Additional Balance Adjustments to the November 2023 update Patch Notes 1.8.30

About a week after the huge November 2023 update of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game, the original server received additional balance adjustments. The recently concluded MPL Invitational 2023 tournament has been a great display of how this new metagame will be nice for the competitive scene. The M5 Wild Card is about to start so the impact of the three hero adjustments will further be shown and here are the details about these additional balance adjustments to the latest official server patch notes 1.8.30.


Masha buff

Masha's gameplay has changed significantly since the recent changes, and the game developers/designers felt it was necessary to enhance her early game laning abilities for more intense fighting. The patch notes also left a tip: “Masha now needs equipment that provides Attack Speed and Attack Effect bonuses instead of defensive bonuses.”

[Skill 1] (↑)
% Damage Bonus on Target's Max HP: 1.5%-4% >> 2.5%-4%
Cooldown: 10s >> 9s

Her skill 1 is buffed as its cooldown now is 1 second faster that makes this skill more spammable. The percentage damage bonus based on the target’s max HP of her first skill is also increased in the early game. This makes Masha be able to be more on par in terms of trading damage with the opposing laner based on the current top heroes in the metagame.


Khaleed nerf

Khaleed shines with more flexibility, so they decided to focus on reducing his mid game damage to partially nerf his potential to achieve the snowball effect.

[Skill 1] (↓)
Base Damage: 200-525 >> 200-400
Slightly reduced Khaleed's Energy Regen per jump.

Khaleed has been deemed overpowered in terms of his potential to snowball. Thus, the game partially nerf his skill 1 as it now deals lower damage as this skill levels up. The energy regen per jump from his first skill is also slightly reduced. It has been nice that Khaleed has been showing up now more in Ranked Games and even appeared in the MPL Invitational so this hero might also be a key to success for the upcoming M5 tournament and even this Ranked Season.


Nolan nerf

Increasing Nolan's Ultimate CD has suppressed him from achieving the snowball effect, but his farm speed and high mobility are still quite strong in the early and mid game. The game hopes to change this with a small nerf.

[Skill 1& 2] (↓)
Cooldown: 1.5-1s >> 2-1s

This hotfix (emergency update) has noted that these additional balance adjustments made for Nolan is because he is also still deemed overpowered in terms of farm speed and mobility. This is even after the nerf to his ultimate skill so this update nerfed his non-ultimate skills too. Just like how the increase in cooldown successfully suppressed him from being too strong with snowball effect, the game decided to also increase the cooldown of his skill 1 and skill 2. The adjustments made is for early to mid game since at max level, the cooldown of these skills remained at 1 second.

These are all the hero adjustments brought by the additional balance adjustments to the latest patch note in the original server. These adjustments are applied globally and expected to be the same metagame patch that the upcoming M5 Wild Card Tournament will use unless changes were to be made. The game’s test server is also still regularly updating so there might be another update in either the MLBB advanced server or even in the official server to make the metagame as balanced as possible.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!