Mobile Legends Additional Battlefield Adjustments in Patch 1.7.32 for Support Heroes

It has been quite a norm that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang releases a hotfix or additional adjustments aside from the regular monthly patch notes. The game is now being rebalanced every now and then to keep the battlefield healthy. To open up December 2022, new batch of adjustments were applied in the original server based on the stats from the recently concluded professional tournaments like MPL Invitational.


The Battlefield Adjustments in this latest hotfix focuses on the "Vision Mechanic". The patch note says "We're making it easier for some squishy Support heroes to spot their enemies by giving them vision mechanics of similar heroes". Here are the 3 pointers from the patch note.

1- Angela's Skill 1 and Floryn's Skill 2 will expose their target's position for a brief period upon hit.

2- Estes's Skill 2 continuously grants vision to the target area.

3- Adjusted the vision-granting duration of Mathilda's Skill 1 and Kaja's Skill 1 to fall in line with other Support heroes.

It is also important to know that Kaja also received additional adjustments in the current original server patch.


Kaja nerf

[Passive] (↓)

Damage reduction from every stack of paralyze: 8% >> 5%

[Skill 1] (↓)

Cooldown: 6.5-4.5s >> 9-7s

Kaja overpowers his enemies in the early and mid game with frequent uses of his skill 1 and powerful passive. Thus, some of the paralysing effects were reverted and slightly nerfing his laning abilities in the early and mid game.

Angela, Floryn, Kaja, Mathilda, and Estes all benefited from the current adjustments in the game. Kaja might have been nerfed but the adjustments were there to make him balance. The adjustments on the vision mechanics of these heroes are significant especially at the macro level.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!
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