Mobile Legends Additional Hero Adjustments and Bug Fixes to Patch Note 1.7.44 in the Official Server

The metagame in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang battlefield had truly shaken up after the recent huge update. It revealed some more issues and made the game designers/developers to release an emergency update. A patch hotfix was released in order to rebalance some heroes and fix some more bugs. Here is everything that is in the Additional Balance Adjustments for the December 2022 update.


I. Hero Adjustments

[Wanwan] (↓)

Even with the previous nerfs, Wanwan still benefited too much from the new equipment, so the game made some additional adjustments.

[Passive] (↓)

Damage Increase from each Weakness hit: 12% >> 10%

[Xavier] (↓)

The previous buff made Xavier's Ultimate too powerful, so its damage is tuned back.

[Ultimate] (↓)

Damage: 750-1150 +175% Total Magic Power >> 650-1050 +150% Total Magic Power

In this patch hotfix, two heroes received nerfs. Wanwan's damage from her passive is reduced while the damage in Xavier's ultimate skill is also reduced. Aside from these two hero adjustments, there are several bug fixes made in this emergency update.


lI. Bug Fixes

1- Fixed an issue with the backswing of Helcurt's Skill 1 (rolled back to previous version).

2- Fixed an issue with the base HP regen of Alice's Ultimate (rolled back to previous version).

3- Fixed an issue that caused Hanzo's Demon Pneuma to return prematurely in some cases.

4- Fixed an issue with Moskov's movement controls when trying to move after using a Basic Attack.

5- Fixed an issue causing Ling to use his Skill 2 after coming down from a wall.

These five bug issues that existed is now fixed based on the latest patch note. Players can now test it in-game like in the Custom mode to check if the bugs are really already fixed or do they discover some more bugs. Players can report it via the Customer Service and Report System in-game.

There might also be two advance server patch notes after this original server update before the year 2022 ends. This should wrap up the adjustments for the M4 World Championship metagame though. The additional adjustments to be made in advance server might be applied to the official server after the M4 Tournament.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!