Mobile Legends Adjustments to the META Marksman Analysis

The adjustments that is covered in this analysis are from the patch notes 1.4.40 and 1.4.42 in advance server. This is expected to be applied in the original server soon. There are three META marksman that are adjusted: Kimmy, Wanwan, and Granger. This will discuss how significant the adjustments made for the future META.



The Physical Attack Bonus of Basic Attack decreased by 12%.


Crossbow of Tang: Now this skill can trigger all kinds of attack effects correctly. The Physical Attack Bonus decreased by 5% at all levels. Basic Damage decreased from 70-100 to 60-90.


Death Sonata: Basic Damage decreased to 120/160/200. CD increased by 10s for all levels.
  • Kimmy, Wanwan, and Granger, are all nerfed. Nerf means a negative adjustment.
  • Kimmy's Basic Attack will deal lower damage.
  • Wanwan's Ultimate Skill will deal lower damage.
  • Granger's Ultimate Skill will deal lower damage and longer cooldown.
Reasons behind the nerfs

Kimmy in physical build, which is the current META, makes her deal more damage both for basic attack and skills. It is because her basic attack and skills enjoy a boosted damage power from her total physical attack stat. It gives her the capacity to kill jungle monsters fast and dominate the game. She can also push turrets faster.

Wanwan's Ultimate Skill is nerfed due to its utility. After the previous original server patch, Wanwan's Ultimate Skill was made easier to trigger. As long as she has her core items, she can deal massive damage while being immune when using her ultimate skill. That is why the bonus damage she gets from items is decreased along with its base damage.

The META for Granger is having Maximum 40% Cooldown Reduction from Assassin Emblem and Items with Cooldown Reduction. He is also built with pure physical attack power unlike most marksman which relies on attack speed. That makes his ultimate skill deal high damage. Take note also that it has very long range and can deal damage to a certain area not only on a single target. That is why it is decided for its base damage to be decreased. The cooldown on the other hand is increased so that it won't be very spammable.

How to adjust with the nerf?

For Kimmy, Magic Items are becoming more efficient. Besides, Kimmy's main source of DPS is her first skill. It has longer range and can deal damage to enemies within a certain area. How about her push potential? You may still build Blade of Despair and Malefic Roar then the rest are magic and situational items.

About Wanwan, the 5% decrease of Physical Attack Power Bonus is minimal. Wanwan can still be META because of her anti-CC skill and mobility. She will still deal high damage with her ultimate skill. Besides, her first skill and basic attacks alone are already a good source of damage as long as she got her core items.

For Granger users, those who still do not maximize the 10% Cooldown Reduction in their Assassin Emblem Configuration should now do so. If the Assassin Emblem is still low level, you will more likely felt the nerf especially if you are a player that loves to spam his ultimate skill. Now, ultimate skill should be used much wiser because of longer cooldown. Save the bullets from your ultimate skill when not needed because it will reduce the cooldown by 15%. That is approximately 5 to 9 seconds depending on your cooldown stat.