Mobile Legends Advanced Server adjusted mages Kagura, Nana and fighters Alucard, X.Borg

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game is already preparing to balance out the meta for the upcoming midyear international tournaments. Some regions with professional leagues are about to finish their season and playoffs to confirm which teams will qualify for the MLBB Mid Season Cup (MSC) 2024. In the game’s advanced server, patch notes 1.8.80, some heroes were adjusted in anticipation of their usage in the upcoming tournaments. That latest update significantly adjusted the following heroes: Kagura, Nana, Alucard, and X.Borg. Here are the details on their changes along with the insights written in Patch Notes 1.8.80 Advanced server.


1. Kagura buff

As a representative of high-level Mages, Kagura's high Mana Cost and poor lane-clearing ability have made her uncompetitive in tournaments. In this regard, the game has optimized Kagura's casting and lane-clearing experience.

[Skill 1] (↑)
Mana Cost: 60-110 >> 50-80
New Effect: Increased Max damage to the non-hero unit to 130%

The game mainly adjusted her skill 1 for her lane-clear. But this adjustment seems also beneficial in her jungle clear as her skill 1 has a new effect that makes her deal more damage not only to minions but also to other non-hero units, and that includes jungle creeps. The mana cost of her skill 1 is also reduced which makes this skill more spammable.


2. Nana nerf

Nana can deal extremely high damage with a single skill in the late game, which often results in squishy heroes getting one shot by Nana before they can react. The game has reduced Nana's single-target burst damage while increasing her AOE damage to balance it out.

[Skill 1] (↓)
Base Damage: 320-440 >> 300-400
Magic Bonus: 100% of Total Magic Power >> 90% of Total Magic Power
Damage to enemy hit reduced by: 20% >> 10%
Max Reduction: 60% >> 40%

The game wants to balance out Nana’s single-target damage potential and in exchange, they increase her AOE (Area-of-effect) damage which means her skill 1 will now again be more effective when it hits multiple targets. The increase in AOE happened by reducing the decline percentage per enemy hit. The adjustment is also only about her skill 1 so expect Nana to still be viable and perform similarly as she is right now.


3. Alucard buff

Slightly improved his power in the early and mid game.

[Passive] (~)
Physical Damage: 140% of Total Physical Attack >> 80 +125% of Total Physical Attack

[Ultimate] (↑)
Hybrid Lifesteal Gained: 10%-30% >> 15%-30%

Revamped Alucard has still yet to be a top pick in professional tournaments. Thus, the game decided to buff him again by increasing the damage from his passive in early game. That could help him snowball better and aside from passive, his ultimate skill is also buffed in terms of Hybrid Lifesteal Gained.


4. X.Borg nerf

As an excellent Fighter with both recovery and burst potential, X.Borg's current sustainability is a bit too strong. The game hopes to reduce the recovery that X.Borg gains from Spell Vamp to reduce his sustainability.

[Skill 1] (↓)
Spell Vamp Ratio: 100% >> 50%

[Ultimate] (↓)
Spell Vamp Ratio: 100% >> 50%

X.Borg’s sustainability was reduced by lowering the spell vamp ratio from his skill 1 and ultimate skill. It seems this is a move in order for players to not just recklessly use their ultimate skill to get advantage since they could easily just recover Firaga Armor too and regenerate their raw HP bar. His burst potential remains the same and this nerf may make players rethink on their item build path to either build him with defense items or increase further his burst potential.

This update also adjusted some of the minion’s magic defense so that those who picked mage heroes as their main lane clear option won’t get punished and the diversity of picks remains. That change was made since it is clear that in late game, the mage heroes have a harder time clearing the lane and that could have limited the gold lane options and might even mess up the mid lane match-up. The game’s official server also had additional balance adjustments recently to apply some bug fixes and changed some visual page layout in-game.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!