Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch 1.6.06 - New Hero Floryn; Aldous adjustments

A new hero came in the test server and it might be released in the original server in the next few updates. The new hero's name is Floryn and along with her release, some hero adjustments are also written in the latest advance server patch note. Here are the details.


Floryn is a support hero that provides healing effects in which still only a few hero in the game has. She also has many utilities as a support. Here are her abilities:

Passive – Dew (Buff)
Floryn carries Dew’s Lodge, Lantern of Hope with her. Lantern of Hope cannot be sold and will accumulate energy every time Floryn hits an opponent using her skills. Dew and Lantern of Hope can both evolve after full energy.

When at the Fountain (Base), Floryn can share the Lantern of Hope’s power with an allied hero, granting them an extra piece of equipment slots. The equipment takes effect after Lantern of Hope evolves.

Skill 1 – Sow (Damage, Heal)
Floryn casts an energy seed at a designated enemy, dealing Magic Damage. Healing Fruits will then spawn and bounce off the enemy to nearby allied heroes, each fruit restoring a certain amount of HP.

Skill 2 – Sprouts (CC, Damage)
Floryn borrows Dew’s power and casts a blob of energy in a designated direction, dealing 225 / 280 / 335 / 390 / 445 / 500 Magic Damage to the enemy hit. The energy will then smash the area behind the enemy, dealing 225 / 280 / 335 / 390 / 445 / 500 Magic Damage to enemies in the area and stunning them.

Ultimate Skill – Bloom (Heal, Damage)
Floryn’s life force resonates with Dew’s, healing all allied heroes 5 times within 4s (ignores distance). The overflowing energy will also deal 200 / 230 / 260 damage to nearby enemies each time the healing takes effect.


One of the most notable adjustments in the latest patch note is the changes made to Aldous.

Skill 1
Optimized the Attack Speed so it can easily hit fast-moving enemies
Extra Soul Steal stack gained upon non-hero enemies’ deaths: 1 → 2

Skill 2
Removed the Basic Attack Immunity effect.
Damage Reduction: 50% → 30%.

Slightly reduced the stun duration on hit.

Shield Value: Damage of the triggering Basic Attack → 500 + 3* Soul Steal stack


The other heroes that received adjustments were Pharsa and Karina that got buffed. There are five heroes that received nerfs which are Saber, X.Borg, Kaja, Harley, and Natan.

These changes may all be implemented in the next original server update or only some of these. The patch note is only applied currently in the advance server.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!