Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch Notes 1.8.38 Hero Adjustments to Revamped Nana, Cici, Kimmy, and Alice

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game’s advanced server is currently testing a new metagame different from the current battlefield situation in the M5 World Championship. Aside from the new hero Cici, there are test adjustments to Kimmy and Alice while the hero Nana is being revamped. November 2023 ended with this patch notes 1.8.38 update and here are all the hero adjustments along with some insights from the game developers/designers to explain the rationale behind the changes.


  1. Revamped Nana
After some tests, the game decided to keep her Skill 2 adjustments and revert some of her Ultimate's changes.

[Skill 2] (↑)
Control Duration: 1.5s >> 1.8s
Slow Effect: 50%-70% >> 30%

New Effect: Nana transforms all enemy heroes in the target area, and if there is none in range, she will leave Molina's minion there which lasts 5s.

[Skill 3] (↑)
Optimizations: The three-stage explosions are faster and smoother.

Nana rarely, if not totally didn’t, appeared in the recent professional tournaments of MLBB. It is also expected to have a very low appearance rate, if not zero, in this M5 World Championship. Thus, the game is making her signature skill 2 more threatening as it will now transform all enemy heroes in its area-of-effect. The control duration is also now longer while the slow effect is slightly decreased to not make this skill 2 too overpowered. Her ultimate skill has also been optimized to have faster and smoother animation as well as it will also apply damage at that faster rate so enemies won’t be able to dodge the succeeding stages of this skill easily.
  1. Cici buff
Slightly increased Cici's survivability.

[Attributes] (↑)
Base HP: 2509 >> 2609
HP Growth: 170 >> 180

[Skill 1] (↑)
This skill now makes Cici take down Turrets slightly faster.

[Skill 2] (↑)
Optimized the control experience of the first-stage jump to shorter distances.

The main aim of this adjustment is to increase Cici’s survivability and thus, her base HP and HP Growth are increased. Aside from those attributes, her non-ultimate skill also received some form of buffs. Her skill 1 now has a new effect while her skill 2 has been optimized.


  1. Kimmy adjustments
They have reverted all changes to damage and only kept the following.

[Skill 1] (↑)
Energy Cost: 5 >> 4

[Ultimate] (~)
Reduced backswing time.
Removed Effect: Energy Regen upon hits.

The game seems to want to make Kimmy adjustments more simple and thus, only expected to apply the reduction on the energy cost of her skill 1 and some ultimate skill adjustments in the next official server update. There might have been a difficulty in the testing because of the changes to her damage output that might have affected her viability and performance in the test server. Thus, this seems to be an implication that Kimmy will be adjusted bit-by-bit in order to easily pinpoint the optimal adjustment to her.


  1. Alice adjustments
They decided to lower Alice's early-game abilities and increase equipment attributes in late-game to give her more growth in Ultimate and make the experience more like the Official Server version.

[Ultimate] (~)
Base Damage: 60-100 >> 30-90
Magic Power Bonus: 20% >> 30%-50%
Base HP Regen: 60-100 >> 40-100
Magic Power HP Regen: 30% >> 30%-50%

The lower base damage and base HP regen are made in order to balance out her early-game potential in consideration of her better late game potential. Her ultimate skill now deals more bonus damage and her HP regen also increased based on her Magic Power stat. The bonus damage and HP regen now scales and thus, making her stronger in late game compared to her current Official server version.

Those are all of the hero adjustments brought by the latest advanced server patch note. Even if M5 is ongoing, the advanced server is still expected to regularly update every week and the game may do actions depending on the state of the metagame. Those who are watching the current M5 tournament just need to take note that it has a different metagame currently compared to the recent changes of the game’s test server which are only applied in the advanced server itself and not globally implemented.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!