Mobile Legends Advanced Server revert some hero adjustments in the first week of June 2024 update

Another week has passed and it means it’s another week closer to the highly-anticipated Project NEXT June 2024 Update of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game. The game’s advanced server decided to revert some of the hero adjustments previously applied as their time to test some new changes has been decreasing as the end of the ranked season in the original server is also coming soon. The test server was updated in the first week of June 2024 with the Patch Notes 1.8.90 Advanced Server version. This update included several hero adjustments, notably many changes reversion. Here are the changes reversion in this latest test server update.


1. Yi Sun-shin

The adjustments to Yi Sun-shin did not meet expectations, so the game developers/designers decided to revert his skills back to the Official Server version.

Regarding the changes to Yi Sun-shin, they noticed that some players liked the "Battle Scar" that was previously available on the Advanced Server. However, this mechanic significantly weakens Yi Sun-shin's iconic playstyle of "frequently switching between ranged and melee Basic Attacks" and the game tried many adjustments for several weeks but it did not meet expectations. They were hoping that Yi Sun-shin's old players would still be able to switch frequently between ranged and melee Basic Attacks, while also having the burst potential similar to the previous "Battle Scar" mechanism in the late game.


2. Chou

Slightly reverted the buff from the previous patch.

[Passive] (↓)
Reduced Physical Defense of Enemies: 15 +(Hero Leve!* 1) >> 10 +(Hero Level* 1)

[Skill 1] (↓)
Cooldown: 9-7s >> 9.5-8s

A week ago, Chou was buffed where the cooldown of his skill 1 was originally at 11 to 9 seconds. The game thinks the 2 seconds reduction buff is too much so they changed it again this update. Meanwhile, his passive was also readjusted and now, the damage calculation is clearly written in the Hero Adjustments section of the patch update and should also reflect in the skills description of Chou seen in certain sections of the game.


3. Natan

Slightly reverted the nerf from the previous patch.

[Ultimate] (↑)
Damage Inherited by Shadow: 30%-40% >> 35%-40%

In last week’s patch, all of his non-ultimate skills, including his passive skill, is nerfed. The intention is to reduce his mid to late game potential as his performance in the advanced server shows he is overpowered in terms of damage potential as the game progresses. Now, the game thinks Natan is overnerfed and thus, they buffed his ultimate skill to slightly revert the nerf done by the previous week’s update.


4. Moskov nerf

[Skill 1] (↓)
Attack Speed Boost: 1.15-1.5x >> 1.15-1.4x

[Skill 2] (↓)
Enemy Revealed Duration Upon Hit: 5s >> 2s

This is not exactly a direct change reversion but in the previous patch notes, his passive effect now reduces the cooldown of his skill 2 triggered by basic attacks. So to balance Moskov out, the game nerfed the attack speed boost he gained from his skill 1 in the mid to late game. His skill 2, which has several skill in-battle effects, was nerfed in terms of its effect to make the enemy hit be revealed for a certain duration.

These adjustments are the highlights of the latest advanced server update. These hero adjustments are expected to be reflected in the upcoming huge original server update. There is still no confirmed date of release of the Project NEXT June 2024 update but it is estimated to be just days before the ranked season ends. The upcoming original server patch notes will also provide a summarized version of the changes to the heroes that will be adjusted so what’s written here is just from the latest test server update and not a collective one.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!